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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Professional Photographer Monthly Column September 2014


The content for my columns is entirely reflective of what’s happening in the business around the time of the submission date.  Sitting on a bus today driving through the Tuscan landscape (with a Rabbi, band and DJ) I was mulling over what to write about.  I began to think back over the previous 7 days and realised that the sheer contrasts were both a little bizarre and also extremely normal.  So I’m just going to give an overview of what I’ve been up to.  A week in the life of KHS mid crazy season….

So last Sunday I had a day off – which began with an hour backing up from a wedding and answering emails.  I then went to see my folks with the kids, had a bbq and fell asleep in the sun.  After the kids were bathed and in bed I edited the last stage of a wedding until about 1am. 

Monday started with a drive into London for a very special shoot.  I had been contacted the week before by the parents of a 3 month old baby who had been born with a cleft lip.  They wanted a shoot to celebrate her smile before it changed forever on the Thursday.   It was wonderful and I left feeling very grateful for my job and the people I have met though it.   Admin and email all afternoon before supper with 2 friends who I met though photography.

Tuesday morning I had a (long) meeting with a wedding planner and bride, wrote a 7 page article for a magazine, caught up with clients and edited a portrait shoot.  That evening I edited a boudoir shoot until about midnight.  Wednesday morning I had a half day kick off mentoring session with a lovely photographer.  As usual I dealt with some confidence and insecurity issues – what I now refer to as ‘photographers sickness’ because it is so common.   In the afternoon Becky and I announced we are looking for a part time Editor because I am shooting so much . I then ran out the door to my daughter’s sports day and stood on the sideline cheering her on.  That evening I drove into London to see some of my closest girlfriends – my social life is so shocking at this time of year that this is precious time that I can ill afford. 

On Thursday morning I had a 3 hour shoot with Agata – the photographer I previously mentioned in relation to her bump shoot.  She’s had the baby and wanted the family shots that she can’t do herself.  On the way home from London my brakes started making weird noises so I took it into a garage to discover the brake pad was stuck on one tyre and my car was dangerous.  They suggested they could fix it on Monday but I had to explain that I am a wedding photographer and being without a car is just not feasible.   When I finally got home it was to the delivery of my new D4S and got totally sidetracked as I unpacked it and got the battery on to charge whilst ordering XQD cards.   That evening I designed a boudoir album that has to be ready in 4 weeks because it is a present for a groom.

I hoped Friday would be quiet and a chance to prepare for my back to back weddings – 1 in the UK and 1 in Italy.  The car/brakes issue took up a lot of time and I had to let a bride know I wouldn’t make it to the wedding rehearsal.   It was  a day of achieving very little which isn’t a good thing at this time of year.   I did make it to the wedding venue the night before and put my head down for some sleep.  The Saturday wedding was all outside so much of the morning revolved around weather related decisions.  I really don’t understand any UK bride who banks on getting married outside, however this one was lucky.  I finished around 11 and got in the car and drove to Gatwick to my Yotel room.  I then started recharging batteries and backing up the wedding – climbing into bed at 2am dreading my 4am wake up call. 

I dozed most of the way to Pisa on the plane and then spent the hour and a half bus transfer looking out the window enjoying the view.   This was because I knew that as soon as we reached the venue I was starting work again.  The Tuscan (Jewish) wedding was quite extraordinary in every way and a huge challenge in terms of light for much of it.  And do you know what happened?  I tripped and half fell into the pool at about 1am whilst photographing the wedding party walking over to the dancefloor.  My D3s and a speedlight had a brief dip but luckily were attached to my Holdfast so came back out again….I was obviously a bit mortified but actually more concerned about my kit.  My camera is not so good but the memory cards are fine!  I collapsed into bed at about 3am at the end of another crazy week.

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