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Thursday, 26 June 2014

A complete battery recharge...

Back in January when I was away in South Africa I had an email from a friend of mine asking if I fancied a week away on a juicing retreat.  She mentioned yoga and hiking on a mountain in Turkey.  I liked the sound of it and checked my diary.  Of course I had a wedding booked - but only on one of the Saturdays so I agreed and said I would join Katie 2 days in.

It's safe to say that I didn't really prepare beyond buying some new yoga/fitness kit and asking Nikon if I could borrow a smaller, more transportable camera than my pro bodies.  I took the Nikon 1 V3 with me and 2 lenses - the 10 - 30mm 3.5-5.6 and the 32mm 1.2.  It's very small very powerful tool with a tilt screen touch monitor - 18.4 megapixels with an ISO range from 160 - 12,800.  

I turned up late on the Sunday night and Katie showed me to our tent - it wasn't the quietest first night with a variety of sounds including donkeys, dogs and call to prayer.  Turns out I slept well after this from pure exhaustion.

Juicy Mountain is not for the faint hearted - and Katie and I swopped many a 'look' between each other which said something along the lines of 'how did we get ourselves into this'.  The daily scheduled began at 7am and involved about 7 hours of exercise on juice.  It was proper hiking in the heat, a lot of yoga and then incredibly tough classes like circuits and 'insanity'.

I loved the juicing and can hand on heart say I never felt hungry once.  I had a headache from hell for 24 hours as the detox kicked in.

We did get a break during the hottest hours of the day and most people would head to the pool and collapse.

On Wednesday you get an afternoon on a boat - very much  needed and we all loved every second of it.  The boat left from the port at Gocek which you can see below.  I absolutely love the panorama feature on the camera.

Although the scenery was stunning probably the best part was actually getting to eat some fresh fruit!  I put the Nikon 1 to the test by handing the camera to a complete non photographer and asking him to try and capture me diving off the boat - I was amazed by the option to shoot at 60 frames per second.  When you flick back through the stills it's like watching a movie in slow mo...

The yoga and rebounding platform was built to make the most of the stunning mountain views and I desperately wanted to see an amazing sunset.  Finally we got one and I ran back to the tent to get the camera. In all these images the camera was in touch screen function - you literally put your finger on what you want in focus!

This is me just taking it in and below are 2 pics of Natalie the yoga instructor who was awesome and the amazing Sally shown rebounding - whose mantra of 'get over yourself' kept us all going through the pain and heat that week...

And below my lovely friend Katie and I - an image for us to both remember the trip.

Everyone is encouraged to take a shot at the end of the stay to capture the physical change in your body.  I'm definitely slimmer, stronger and healthier and people cannot stop telling me how well I look. The truth is I feel even better.

On the last day after check out we had a few hours more in Gocek - where we ate our first meal.  We all opted for yet another fresh juice despite people drinking cold wine and beer around us.

I ordered myself a juicer and blender from the retreat and continue to juice every day alongside a more normal but healthy diet.  I can't recommend the retreat enough but it's no holiday...  My batteries are completely recharged.  Turns out I don't want to give the Nikon 1 back - it's a very clever  little camera.


  1. Great review, great place, great people and great camera! :-) Lovely meeting you, Kate, and I hope everything is wonderful. Thanks for entrusting me with the "dive". Not only am I a COMPLETE non photographer - I am a total neophobe. Amazing piece of kit! Cheers. HD.

  2. I adore travel photography. I always ensure that my camera is packed in my luggage when I go away. As much as I love London and London portrait photography, new experiences and settings always allow me to develop my skills and technique. I recently went away to Cuba, and just like this trip, it was life changing. Meeting new people, visiting new places and experiencing new cultures and ideals. Just like Turkey, it was screaming out for photographic moments.



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