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Monday, 20 January 2014

Rested, refreshed and ready for 2014

For those of you who check back in every so often to find out what I've been up to I'm amazed you've come back after such a period of 'blogging absence'!

Basically December was totally crazy with last minute orders and any spare time at all going to Amazon in a desperate attempt to get some presents under the tree...

Then I shot a fab wedding on Dec 28th and jumped on a plane to Cape Town on the 30th for the most well earned holiday of my life.

For the first time since I started my photography business I was able to relax and switch off - safe in the knowledge that Becky was in the office.  And I really did - I had an amazing holiday - full of family and friends.

And so I am going to share just a handful of images.  This lovely man here is Brent and he was the person who introduced me to photography - who planted that seed, that became an obsession that turned into a business. He also took the family portrait below that.  Of our feet because that's my family and you don't always need faces.  Which is why I, in return, took the sunset shot of his family walking.  Again you don't need faces to say 'family'.

And then finally 2 shots with me in them (thanks to Brent again).  One with my dear friend Megan that I love because it is so happy and transports me back to that moment, on that beach in an instant.

This last portrait I love.  And I generally don't love photos of myself.... Because it sums up how relaxed and happy I felt, how well and full of life I was.  And I know I was looking at the most beautiful view of the start of sunset on Llandudno beach.

So - there we go - a little insight into my life and a reminder of why photography is so, so important for capturing memories and holding on to the precious moments in life. xx

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