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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Richard and Sarah's Blenheim Palace Wedding

Meeting and working with Rich and Sarah has been nothing but an absolute pleasure - they are just the nicest people.  From the moment they came to the studio with Julie, Sarah's fabulous mum, we all just knew we were going to have a great time and make some beautiful pictures.

Rich proposed to Sarah by the Temple of Diana - the same spot that Churchill proposed to Clementine - so they chose the ground of Blenheim for an engagement shoot.  The autumn colours were breathtaking and we had a lot of fun (despite Rich being a little wary of the idea AND hungover).

And then to the day itself.  September 7th began with clear blue skies which was a relief after a wet week.  I knew Sarah and Rich had a great team around them because I often work with Cat who did the make up Hester of Sweet Tiers created the cake.   Daisies were responsible for all of the flowers. Sarah chose Caroline Castigliano for her dress and wore Jimmy Choos.  What was particularly special about this Blenheim wedding is that they had a drinks reception in the Great Hall with guests able to wander through the Saloon, State Rooms and Library at their leisure.

So what do I remember the most? How happy Sarah was during her prep and how she wandered around with her garter already in place.  The fact that Rich was getting ready in a room at the Kings Arms directly opposite and how he wanted to keep the blinds down for fear of seeing her before the ceremony.  Julie's beautiful dress that suited her so much.  The light pool where Sarah sat during the make up session.  How relaxed and happy the ceremony was.  What a complete delight it was to head off on the couple session with that gorgeous car and the surprise of finding the Temple open where this journey first began.  The laughter and tears of the speeches. Sarah looking so incredible as she swayed down 'the' corridor.  The delight of the guests as they enterered the Great Hall.  "Incoming".  The first dance and how everyone sang!  And then the party - because it really was a party with shots, and head ties and even the caterpillar on the dancefloor.

I'm not sure I should have favourites.  But I do and this is right up there - for the people mainly - but I do love a Blenheim wedding!

Thank you Rich and Sarah - can't wait to see you both again.  And to Nikki who was her usual brilliant self assisting me on the day.   Here's just a few to give you a feel for the day - click on them to see a larger version. xx


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  1. Looks awesome and an amazing range of imagery as usual! x



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