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Monday, 24 June 2013

Nick and Isabel's Blenheim Palace Wedding

I met Nick and Isabel because I offered an engagement shoot as a prize at the Blenheim Palace Wedding Fair and their names were 'pulled out of the hat'.  We did the shoot in and around Battersea Park in London, chatting all the time about how they met, their love of music, what they both did for a living.  Life stuff.
I was really pleased when they asked me to shoot their wedding this May because I had a feeling it would be a beautiful yet relaxed and happy affair.  Which it certainly was.

They were blessed with fantastic weather after a very mixed week.  Isabel got ready with her mum and bridesmaids at the lovely boutique hotel Hope House in Woodstock whilst Nick was 2 minutes walk away at the Star Inn.  The ceremony was held in St Mary Magdalene - one of the most welcoming churches I have ever worked in.

Things that I remember most from the day include: Isabel sitting on the floor after putting her dress on - it's not something that many brides do but it looks so beautiful when they are surrounded by all that material.  The accent hue being turquoise which is a colour that I love.  How happy and relaxed the ceremony was and how incredible the choir sounded.  Confetti in the car and the speed that Nick pulled away!  How beautiful the light was in 'that' corridor that I love to shoot in.  The golden light that shone down on the group shot and the gates of Blenheim.  How Isabel sat down on the grass and wasn't precious about her dress.  The lovely speech that her best friend gave on behalf of the bridesmaids. And the great playlist that they put together for the dancing - no surprise really when you know they met at a festival.  And the incredible sunset that ended the day - I have seen Blenheim in all weather and all light but I think that might have been a very special 10 minutes.  So much so that I stopped my car to sit by the lake and enjoy it before heading home after a lovely day.

The flowers were by the ever talented Joanna Carter and my fab assistant was Nicky Sheffield who not only takes lovely photographs but is wonderful company too.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful! What gorgeous light, stunning location, and perfect use of them. Inspirational as always xxx



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