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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Destination Wedding Photography - Spain, July 2012

Clearly having a studio manager is working for me because it's taken 8 months to find the time to blog these images...

Last summer I had an unexpected and fairly last minute opportunity to 'second shoot' a wedding in Spain for Elia Sills.  The date in question was one of my only weekends off over the summer but the chance to photograph a wedding without the pressure of being the lead photographer sounded too good to miss.

I envy the role of second shooters - it's a wonderful thing to be able to shoot with a more open brief - although I have to say Elia was incredibly trusting and let me direct where we both felt it was appopriate.

I was a little concerned about coping with the intense heat - although of course Spanish summer weddings start (and end) much later due to this.  What shocked me was my thirst - insatiable!  And probably also about directing/communicating but it's amazing what you can say without words - it really wasn't an issue at all to get them in the light I wanted, how I wanted.

I've chosen a selection of images for the blog that help to tell the story of Isabel and Javier's day - the venue was the beautiful Palacio el Rincon situated in the countryside outside Madrid.

The things I remember the most were how Isabel seemed very relaxed but at times showed her nerves.  One of my favourite images from the day is the black and white that I captured through the glass of the front door.  She was stood on the amazing staircase bathed in bright sunshine, her hair in curlers, biting her nails whilst people discussed last minute details with her.

The elegance of Javier. Yes - the elegance of a man.  I married an elegant man and it's a rare and wonderful male quality.   I just love the shots of him seated in that lovely window - very Mad Men.  And the fact that he wanted me to photograph him lighting a cigarette - such a far cry from this country...

The extreme light during the outdoor ceremony.  Half of the guests were in shade and half were in bright and hot sunshine - I loved the parasols because I normally photograph wedding umbrellas for entirely different reasons!

Isabel's twin nephews  - their amazing eyes and the shoes and matching sashes.

I loved the traditional Spanish architecture in the stables behind the Palace.  As we were walking towards the fields I noticed the beautiful shadows being cast again the wall by the low sun - and just had to stop the bride and groom for some pictures here.

I remember the incredible outfits and glamour of the guests - the Spanish really love to dress up and it was a treat.  I also thought the sea urchin canopes were sheer brilliance.

The fact that everyone ate outside and stayed partying until the sun came up - it made me think about how the UK climate drives us all indoors after dark.

And the Flamenco band - who were clearly rather famous and quite brilliant.  Elia and I ate dinner with them and they were incredibly charming and patient with my lack of dialect.  I loved watching everyone dancing - with such energy and grace - but also with such sexy attitude.

Of course the reason that I went to Spain is to see if I would like to take on destination weddings.  And the verdict?  Hell yes.

Click on the images if you would like to see them larger.  x



  1. The pictures are wonderful! Loved them!

  2. Which part of Spain was it in? I am planning a wedding in July this year, scared it will be too hot. Please advise!

  3. Wow, I like your photography skills. Everything is perfect in these wedding photos, and especially that bright light which you used in photos.

  4. just beautiful Kate! x Siegrid.

  5. This is called a perfect wedding I must say. I have never seen such amazing photography. I just loved the pictures. All the pictures are beautifully captured. The arrangement, the dining and the decoration everything is just perfect.
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