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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Monthly Column in Professional Photographer Magazine

When Adam Scorey, the Editor of Professional Photographer magazine, contacted me to see if I would like to write a monthly column for him I was a bit shocked but delighted to contribute.

He is sensitive to the lack of female voices in the industry - despite the fact that there are many, many female photographers.

I really want the column to be relevant and inspiring so please feel free to get in touch with me and let me know what kind of issues you would like me to explore on your behalf: pp@katehopewellsmith.com

The first column is out now in the February issue. 


  1. Hi Kate,
    Found your site after picking up PP today, it's great to have a female voice in there. As I am just in the process of branding and launching my own business in landscape photography (crionnaphotography.com)and aiming to create images and brand with more female appeal, your blog and column have been very inspiring, thanks!!

  2. Hi Kate
    Having read your introductory column in PP, I'm already looking forward to the next issue! As someone on that precarious verge of turning professional, it's heartening to read about others doing so well during a recession. Good to see PP is trying to redress the balance with more female contributions, here's to many more columns!

  3. Hi Lynne and Edward. I've had so many lovely emails and messages saying the same kind of thing. I really appreciate you taking the time to comment. Please let me know if there is anything any of you really, really want to know about and it might end in a column. It's a hard job that we have all chosen - one that many people assume to be easy...Take care for now, Kate

  4. Hi again Kate,
    Thanks for taking the time to reply. If there's any chance you could do a column about your experiences on marketing, that would be marvelous. What strategies and campaigns worked for you, what didn't... I see a lot of confusing advice on this subject. For example some photographers say advertising in a quality wedding magazine is a must, while others say it's a waste of money. The only thing everyone seems to agree on is that you must have a website!
    BTW, just want to say your photography is exceptional - every image of yours I've seen is nothing short of stunning!

  5. Hi Edward. I definitely think that advertising for photographers is largely a waste of money. I worked in advertising and to have any real effect you would need to be looking at high frequency - ie high spend, long term. Creating networks locally built my wedding business and quickly. Word of mouth sustains it. My portrait business has taken longer to develop but now also evolves via word of mouth. It's a big question and is very dependent on where you have positioned yourself in the market - in types of pricing and branding. I am not a high volume photographer but my clients value the time I give them as individuals and spend accordingly. I'll def give it some thought re a column! Kate

  6. Sorry - typing with a laptop precariously balanced... should read in 'terms of pricing'



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