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Thursday, 20 December 2012

SWPP 2013 Principles of Design For Better Composition

Saturday 12th January 3.30 - 5.00

When I was asked to host 2 masterclasses again at the 2013 convention I sat and mulled over what might be missing from the subject line up.  Over the last 2 years I have had the pleasure of training a lot of aspiring photographers, many of whom ask me to look at their portfolios.  Again and again I see tightly cropped headshots of kids - which is great - but it really won't ever sell an album from a lifestyle shoot.

When I train I encourage people to use locations and wardrobe to their advantage but this is only possible once you have the confidence to take control of where and what you shoot.

Once you have the basic ingredients including great light it is time to put it all together - to turn what is a 3 dimensional reality into a 2 dimensional moment.  Great, balanced composition is a skill and one that you can hone with knowledge and practice.

I'm going to spend the session discussing the key things which aid strong composition and design in photography - using the breadth of my portfolio to show how the principles remain consistent across all genres.

I'm intrigued to see how many people will come.  Photographers have a tendency to concentrate only on the kit, the exposure and the expression.  Great composition can transform a portfolio.

I have a fine art background and then studied the History of Art.  Years spent looking and analysing other artists' work.

Maybe see you there! x


  1. I will be there and so looking forward to your seminar after thé yummy mummy training i did with you through aspire i know it will be fab! Amanda mcconnell x

  2. This is exactly where I'm concentrating on improving my photography so the timing couldn't be better! Will definitely see you there - Judi Cheketts xx

  3. From the first viewing of the convention details this was the one that stood out as THE one I wanted to attend. Sadly other commitments mean I can't make it so I have my fingers crossed for a re-run another time! Enjoy it x

  4. If I was going I would so be there. Maybe next year! Best of luck x

  5. I was lucky enough to attend your master class today as was blown away by it, thank you so much, I left really inspired!

  6. I too was there to benefit from your masterclass and as I said to you afterwards, it was an incredibly helpful session, information and advice that if put into practice regularly will really lift the standard of work being produced.

    Thanks for coming up with something so original Kate....

  7. Thank you so much Stephanie and Neal. The turnout and feedback has been quite overwhelming and the message clear - original and helpful content! I spent a long time writing it because I so believe in the value of strong composition. I really hope your work becomes stronger and you gain confidence in making those split second decisions! Kate



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