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Friday, 14 December 2012

Day 2 All About Winter Weddings

Day 2 dawned even brighter than the day before and the whole group were full of excitement and anticipation because this was the day we got to shoot A LOT.

Whilst the brilliant Cat Fransham transformed Emma into a snow queen bride I talked to the delegates about the importance of shooting a wedding with the album in mind - to strive for consistency in lighting and style.

After that we discussed and had a play with on-camera flash and using it to balance ambient light at weddings. 

Then we headed out into the frosty fields to shoot some wedding details styled by Rachel of Aspire - the fabulous fur lined bolero was kindly lent to us by London dress designer Johanna Hehir, the flowers were created by Rebecca from Gingerlily Flowers, the stunning headpiece by Euphoria Couture.  Otherwise the dress, veil, shoes, suit etc were all owned and loved by 'models' Emma and Alex.

Once we had walked down into the gardens again we looked at the creation of the big landscape shots.

 And then I couldn't resist the incredible light any longer and we had some fun working with creative backlight.

 After this we headed back up the New Inn to have some much needed winter stew.  Toes and fingers were not working so well...

The afternoon session was spent at the incredible Temple of Victory and Concorde.  The light was very pretty just as we arrived so we took advantage of this pathway.  Then I set up a few more shots inside and outside the temple.

 After that the delegates were paired up and given the opportunity to direct their own short session - with the prize of a days Marketing Seminar up for grabs.  Watch this space for the winner....

And finally we ended with a demonstration using location flash to add some drama when the light had nearly gone.  We were kindly lent the Elinchrom Quadra Ranger Works Kit (2 heads, one bare bulb and one deep octa in this instance) by the lovely team at The Flash Centre - a business you should get to know if you have any intention of tackling bona fide winter weddings.   

 Cold but happy we headed back to base to have our pudding and talk about workflow, sales, album design etc.

And then it was all over! I came home super tired but very happy.  Especially when I woke up this morning to rain and a drab landscape...

Thank you to everyone who helped make it such a great 2 days - you all know who you are.  Until the next time. xxx


  1. Oh wow, magical fairytale stuff. Beautiful, me likee.

  2. Wow, you couldn't have ordered better light and weather, truly stunning images x

  3. Thanks Kate for guiding us so well through Narnia! A magical experience, astoundingly beautiful setting and feel as though I learnt soooooo much. Thanks a million for a fabulous, inspirational time!

  4. Wowza, these are incredible! This course has just moved right to the top of my to-do list! Beautiful x



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