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Friday, 14 December 2012

All About Winter Weddings Day 1

On Wednesday and Thursday this week Aspire Photography Training and I hosted a location seminar at Stowe Landscape Gardens on Winter Weddings.

I am still  slightly in shock about the fact that our seminar was blessed with a breathtaking hoar frost resulting from freezing fog.  Stowe is a special venue anyway but I have to say I've never seen it look quite so beautiful or magical.  Not only did we have the frost but we also had sunshine and blue skies.  Remarkable.

The first morning was spent on intros, marketing, branding, wedding enquiries and consultations. And following some lunch we all layered up and walked down to the gardens to explore engagement shoots.  For the session we had the pleasure of photographing Paolo and Rebecca.  Some people may recognise them as I shot their wedding in 2010 resulting in a lovely friendship and working relationship as Rebecca is the talented florist behind Gingerlily Flowers (more of this on Day 2).

I don't need to say much more as the pictures should do the talking.  What it is worth mentioning is that Rebecca and Paolo made an effort to look great (thanks to Sculptors Hair) and making the extra effort really does have a strong impact on the results.

Once we were back in the classroom we talked about the different types of light that I look for at a wedding and when I need to add light to the available ambient.

Then most of us headed into Buckingham to listen to Adam Alex talk about his journey and the big changes that he has made in the last year.  It was an honest and inspiring tale and it was great to catch up with someone I am lucky to call a friend.


  1. Beautiful images Kelly...I love them! But to me, winter weddings often mean photography indoors after dark. I would love to see some of those too. Yesterday, my bride arrived at her ceremony in the pitch black and had to walk through gale force winds and pouring rain...no photos outside at all.

  2. We did discuss all of this which is why I had the Elinchrom Ranger kit with me. I've done winter weddings with no outdoor photos. And believe you should light them with pro kit. Ps Do you mean Kate not Kelly! X



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