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Monday, 19 November 2012


I'm very aware I've been a little bit AWOL from my blog recently.  That was due to the craziness leading up to my one precious week off a year. 

Where I collapse.  And sleep.  And read.  And when I send my camera bodies and lenses in for their own little overhaul - because quite frankly they deserve a break and a bit of TLC too....

Now I'm back and catching up.  Just before I drive up the M6 for my last training sessions at Aspire for 2012.

Of course I will also be training Winter Weddings at Stowe but that's just down the road.  And whilst the 2 day course is sold out we are VERY lucky to have persuaded Adam Alex to join us for an evening to round off Day 1 and anyone can come.

Many of you may already know of him.  If you don't let's just say he has had a big and positive influence on my work.  I'm lucky to call him a friend.  So if you know him or think you'd like to then come and join us for a few hours on Dec 12th.  It's going to be very relaxed and informal - a chance to listen and to ask questions. 

For all the details have a look here: http://www.aspirephotographytraining.co.uk/course/401/an-audience-with-adam-alex/

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