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Monday, 19 November 2012


I'm very aware I've been a little bit AWOL from my blog recently.  That was due to the craziness leading up to my one precious week off a year. 

Where I collapse.  And sleep.  And read.  And when I send my camera bodies and lenses in for their own little overhaul - because quite frankly they deserve a break and a bit of TLC too....

Now I'm back and catching up.  Just before I drive up the M6 for my last training sessions at Aspire for 2012.

Of course I will also be training Winter Weddings at Stowe but that's just down the road.  And whilst the 2 day course is sold out we are VERY lucky to have persuaded Adam Alex to join us for an evening to round off Day 1 and anyone can come.

Many of you may already know of him.  If you don't let's just say he has had a big and positive influence on my work.  I'm lucky to call him a friend.  So if you know him or think you'd like to then come and join us for a few hours on Dec 12th.  It's going to be very relaxed and informal - a chance to listen and to ask questions. 

For all the details have a look here: http://www.aspirephotographytraining.co.uk/course/401/an-audience-with-adam-alex/

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Natalie & Ric's Fawsley Hall Wedding

Those of you who know Fawsley Hall in Northamptonshire will understand why I have wanted to shoot a wedding there since I discovered it for a weekend away with my husband.  Since that first visit my mum and I try to have an annual day together in the wonderful Grayshott Spa.  So this was one of the reasons I was really looking forward to Natalie and Ric's wedding and the other main one was that they are friends with Elizabeth and Ross and I knew I would get to see them too.

Whilst I was editing this wedding my husband popped into my studio and said - "who's that, they look like a nice couple".  And they are.  Lovely, lovely people who also like to have fun.

The things that stood out for me at this wedding:

The shafts of light that created such a beautiful atmosphere for the getting ready shots.  Ric's socks.  The banter with his best men and the marathon of the half windsor knots.  The incredible colour of the sky that morning.  First seeing Natalie's dress - The Balcan by Pronovias - a very unique dress with beautiful lace detail, delicate feathers and a removable train.  The fabulous bridal suite.  Natalie's smile.  Ric's emotion.  The beautiful and abundant details and I particularly loved the flowers.  The copper hanging seat.  The laughter and fun we had with the bridal party despite the early autumn chill.  Having the chance to do some interior evening shots and how beautiful Natalie looked on that enormous, comfy sofa. And the party - which I wish I could have stayed for although I would have been in danger of being whirled around by Ross...

So thanks to Elizabeth and Ross for their recommendation and to Natalie and Ric for listening.  And being such fun to work with.

Lastly thanks to Nikki for assisting me all day and the lovely chats in the car to and from the wonderful Fawsley Hall.


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