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Friday, 12 October 2012

Victoria & Jojo's Happy Day

I know that I've said this before but I shall say it again - there is always something magical about a wedding hosted at the bride's family home.  And this was definitely true for Victoria and Jojo.

Victoria was the 3rd of her siblings to be married in the beautiful church of St Mary's in Lower Slaughter, Gloucestershire.  The reception was at her stunning family home - The Manor in Bourton on the Water.

Victoria and Jojo are Fun.  Yes they deserve that capital F.  They laugh, they joke - they embrace life and they are great to be around.  And so are their families and friends.  All of this makes the perfect mix for a special day.

When I arrived on the morning I made a bit of a fuss about the weather.  It was stunning and this beautiful day was bordered by days of rain.  They were lucky.  And I'm so, so pleased they were.  Some weddings, like my own, would not have been affected by rain.  But this would have been because the setting, both at the church and then back at the Manor, was perfectly complemented by the sunshine and blue skies.

I saw Victoria and Jojo last night, bronzed and relaxed from their recent return from honeymoon and I told them it must have been a great wedding to be a guest at.

What stood out for me?  How beautiful the garden at the Manor looked, the incredible, luminous quality of light inside the house.  The banter and laughter in the morning with the girls.  But also the tears when Victoria read a letter delivered from Jojo.  How excited Victoria was to put her dress on and how rare it is for me to get 10 mins on my own with such a beautiful bride before the ceremony.  The pretty light in the garden just before we left for the church.  The kids running in all directions as Victoria arrived.   The entrance of Victoria and Jojo's expressions that said it all.  How much they smiled at each other throughout the service.  The ushers who made me smile at the back of the church and the incredible solo of Ave Maria during the signing.  The journey up the hill and wondering if The Bean was going to make it.  The view from the top.  The pageboys and how cute they both were (although one of the images below tells another story too...).  How much fun the group shots were because everyone was so happy.  The amazing table plan mirror.  The laughter and atmosphere during the speeches and how it travelled onto the dance floor.   How nice all of the guests were to me and the very lovely Becky Male who assisted me all day long.

So here's an overview - a taster of their happy day.  I loved showing them all of the images last night.  You could see how it took them both back - always the best part of this job.  Thank you both for letting me tell your story. xxx

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