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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Natalie & Josh's One Great George Street Wedding

 I met Natalie and Josh back in March 2011 when they contacted me shortly after booking One Great George Street for their wedding this September. We finally got together a few weeks ago for their pre-wedding shoot and right at the end I got the heads up that they had something special planned for their first dance.  Well - that 'dip' below was in a different league to what I had seen before and the dance became just another thing to look forward to in terms of the photography.

Nearly two years ago I had the pleasure of photographing a lovely wedding at One Great George Street and I was really looking forward to having Parliament Square as my backdrop once again.  On the morning of the wedding I exited Westminster Tube to a fabulous sky and bright sunshine.  I had a wander across the bridge because I love the views up and down the Thames from here and then headed off to shoot the bride and groom prep. The day seemed to go so quickly but some of the things that I remember include: every bridesmaid saying they weren't photogenic, Natalie and I communicating in silence over the make up mirror, the hunt for scissors and paperclips.... The friendly taxi driver and the lovely staff at OGGS.  The postbox and vintage postcards for guest comments.  How Natalie hugged Josh when she finally got to him at the end of the 'aisle'.  The guest tears during the ceremony.  The sunshine on the Clive Steps and the beautiful shadows her veil made.  The attempt to pickpocket the Groom, yes, it's true. The tourist group descending on us in the phonebox and how nice the public were in their congratulations.  How lovely it was to see a bride change for the evening. And that first dance. 

Hmmmm I also remember those video floodlights and the impact on the ambience but I'm not one for a moan so shall stop right there.

Natalie and Josh - a pleasure to work with you!  And a thank you to Becky Male who once again assisted me so brilliantly all day.


  1. Kate, I love this wedding, their love and fun can be seen in every photograph. Totally with you on the shadows of her vail... and the floodlights !

  2. Kate, I really like this specific wedding party. Your pictures are great. Im Sean from wedding photographers cork.

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