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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Sam & Dan's Waddesdon Dairy Wedding

I met Sam and Dan in my favourite way - which is through the couple of a wedding I photographed last year (thanks Ross and Elizabeth!).  On September 7th they were married at St John's in Granborough followed by a reception at The Dairy, Waddesdon Manor.

Things that stood out for me:

The huge room where Sam got ready on the morning of the wedding at the beautiful Hartwell House Hotel. I'm not sure where to begin on the details - Sam had the most beautiful taste and her finished look was thanks to a dress by Sassi Holford, hairpiece by Jenny Packham, shoes by Jimmy Choo... But most impressively her garter and sash were made by her mum - otherwise known as Mumma Howell.

The first time Sam looked at herself in a full length mirror. 

The flowers were stunning and created by a friend of the family called Davina.  The flowergirls were very cute - even when they were rolling down a grassy slope at Waddesdon in their white dresses...

The confetti canons - that took us all by surprise!

The blue, blue, blue sky.  Not a cloud passed by all day.

The lovely order of service and the white bicycle outside the church. 

The guest who recorded the entire service on an Ipad.

The very personal, hand made tableplan and nametags at the reception and the photographs of all the couples in the family who have come before.

The harsh light followed by the prettiest light a photographer could ask for. And a couple who trust me so that when I bundle them in a car to 'chase' said light they agree and just go with the flow.

But what stands out most of all?  Sam's smile.  Which was large, genuine and infectious all day long.  Every time I looked at her she was grinning.  From ear to ear.  I loved that.



  1. What a beautiful wedding Kate and stunning photos. You've captured the light just perfectly.

  2. Gorgeous photos Kate. Am a big fan of yours - love seeing your latest work. Keep up the blogging!

  3. Such beautiful light in those woodland shots. Love your work, am hoping to do one of the Aspire courses with you.

  4. Hi Sam - I'm trying to blog more - never enough hours in the day. Thanks for stopping by - means a lot! And Hi Barbara - the light was incredible although we had to work to get to it! Would love to meet you through Aspire - always a fab training experience. x



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