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Friday, 14 September 2012

A Dairy Farm Wedding. With breathtaking skies.

I've been very bad at blogging etc recently as September is crazy busy for me but just wanted to post a handful from Tom and Louise's wedding last weekend.  One of the things I love about shooting weddings is that no two are ever the same.  On Saturday I really enjoyed the theme being about the farm.

It was definitely a first for me to photograph the couple leaving St Mary's Church under an archway of pitchforks - this was arranged as a surprise for them - and I was looking straight down my lens at them both as they clocked what was waiting for them when the church doors opened during the recessional.

 After the confetti they travelled to the reception like this.  I loved it and so did the gorgeous bridesmaid Ella.   When a couple have plans like this you really, really do need good weather.  The stunning weather was just an added bonus. 

 The cows were an important part of the day - featuring on the order of service, table plans, cake and even the flowers were in milk urns.


You can see how it went from intense, almost cloudless blue through to pinks and then deep reds and golds.  It really was a very special display of nature.  Inspiring.

Anyway - only a handful as I have to get back to editing another wedding from last weekend before I shoot another one tomorrow.  xxx

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