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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Sam & Dan's Waddesdon Dairy Wedding

I met Sam and Dan in my favourite way - which is through the couple of a wedding I photographed last year (thanks Ross and Elizabeth!).  On September 7th they were married at St John's in Granborough followed by a reception at The Dairy, Waddesdon Manor.

Things that stood out for me:

The huge room where Sam got ready on the morning of the wedding at the beautiful Hartwell House Hotel. I'm not sure where to begin on the details - Sam had the most beautiful taste and her finished look was thanks to a dress by Sassi Holford, hairpiece by Jenny Packham, shoes by Jimmy Choo... But most impressively her garter and sash were made by her mum - otherwise known as Mumma Howell.

The first time Sam looked at herself in a full length mirror. 

The flowers were stunning and created by a friend of the family called Davina.  The flowergirls were very cute - even when they were rolling down a grassy slope at Waddesdon in their white dresses...

The confetti canons - that took us all by surprise!

The blue, blue, blue sky.  Not a cloud passed by all day.

The lovely order of service and the white bicycle outside the church. 

The guest who recorded the entire service on an Ipad.

The very personal, hand made tableplan and nametags at the reception and the photographs of all the couples in the family who have come before.

The harsh light followed by the prettiest light a photographer could ask for. And a couple who trust me so that when I bundle them in a car to 'chase' said light they agree and just go with the flow.

But what stands out most of all?  Sam's smile.  Which was large, genuine and infectious all day long.  Every time I looked at her she was grinning.  From ear to ear.  I loved that.


Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Joe and Melissa's Oriel College and Bodleian Library Wedding, Oxford

This evening a lovely couple came to meet me to talk about their wedding next year and I spent some time explaining to them that I would do my very best to capture their day in the most honest and real way possible.  In other words no posing charts or stock bride and groom shots.  Each time I leave my home to shoot a wedding I have NO idea what I will be shooting.  Or where exactly.  There are many factors involved  - but the 2 most important are the light and the couple themselves.  My imagery has to be true to who they are individually and to what they are as a couple.

That's why I can't be labelled as a 'quirky' photographer or a 'vintage' photographer.  My couples don't come with labels either.

Take Melissa and Joe.  I loved working with these two from the first time we met in the Wine Cafe in Summertown, Oxford.  It was a big thing for two Americans to choose to get married in Oxford but is understandable because Melissa works with Oriel College, where they married in the chapel and had their wedding breakfast.  All of the guests then walked the short distance to the breathtaking backdrop of the Divinity School at the Bodleian Library.

Those of you who follow my blog will recognise them from the lovely engagement shoot at Blenheim Palace.

Things that stood out for me include: Melissa's beautiful dress that she found in New York - so unique and perfect for her, the Jimmy Choos and beautiful vintage hairpieces that Melissa made, her lovely relationship with her maid of honour, Gina.  Joe's 007 Dad and the delight on his face when he first set eyes on Melissa.  The perfect red lipstick and the candles in the chapel.   The 20 mins of pretty light after a cloudy spell, the impatient bus driver who wouldn't wait for a newlywed kiss. The wonderful combination of modern furnishings and medieval architecture at the reception.  The top hats.  The energy of the band and the wonderfully delicious cake ;).

And thanks to those behind the scenes who I get to work with - Nikki Sheffield for assisting with such grace, Cat Fransham for the hair and make up, Isobel Weddings for smooth running and design and Mark Brown for his humour and the sound of his vintage Super 8s.

Enjoy. x

December 2012:
The lovely wedding blog Roses and Lace got in touch to ask if they could feature Melissa and Joe's wedding and here is the feature.

February 2013:
I have recently ordered a sample copy of this beautiful wedding and Queensberry immediately picked it as a 'hot' international album and have featured it on their blog here:

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