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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Adam & Anastasia - Blenheim Palace Wedding

I met Adam and Anastasia at the Blenheim Palace Wedding Fair and liked them instantly.  You just do.  Adam is from Canada, a fab personality and entrepeneur and his beautiful new wife is Anastasia.  She is from Russia and has incredible grace and charm.

Families and friends flew in from all over the globe to help them celebrate the wedding - it was a day where the fluctuations of emotion matched those of the weather.

Anastasia started her day getting ready with her mum at The Randolph Hotel in Oxford.  Her stunning, one off dress from New York hung patiently between the two rooms and I couldn't wait to see it on Anastasia.   I love the shot below where one of her bridesmaids sees the dress for the first time.

 As I arrived at the Randolph and came out of the lift I saw the staircase and immediately knew that I had to get a shot like this of Anastasia leaving the hotel for Church.

The were married at St Mary Magdalene in Woodstock.  My favourite moment of the day?  When Adam surprised and delighted everyone by finishing the first kiss with a sweep and dip.  

From the Church we drove to the gates at Blenheim.  An iconic view of this stunning Palace.

It was touch and go in terms of timing as rain clouds were sweeping in.  You can see below that only 5 minutes later when they were dropped off at the entrance to the Orangery that the rain had arrived. 

Whilst the shower passed over us I took them to one of my favourite spots at Blenheim.  Where I like to create some art for my clients.  Quiet, beautiful portraits.

 And these images are just about Adam appreciating how stunning Anastasia looked.

After this we headed down to the Water Terraces - by now the sun was shining again. 

 After taking some group photos it was time for the Reception in the Orangery.

There were lots of short speeches - which I love.  You can see the happy mix of emotions that followed.

 A changeable day of weather settled into a calm, beautiful evening with the prettiest light.  Adam and Anastasia thought nothing of running outside when I told them we had a 5 minute window to catch the last rays of light.

 Just before I bid them both farewell we had some fun with sparklers.

It really was such a wonderful wedding - a pleasure to photograph.  Thank you so much for trusting me to tell your story in pictures.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

In a nutshell.

All businesses have to become wordsmiths at times.  I am, of course, a visual person.  And have huge respect for people who have a talent with words. 

Every so often I have to try and sum up what I do in a few words.  Which I find very difficult. 

I have just been looking at the new website of my friend and industry colleague Louise, the wedding planner behind Louise Grace.  In her section on trusted suppliers she wrote a short paragraph about me and my work. 

And there it was.  A sentence of only 10 words that sums up what I want to do for every client.  In a nutshell.

"Her photography is a beautiful mix of storytelling and art"

Thank you Lou.  For understanding me.  x

Friday, 17 August 2012

All About Weddings with Aspire at Stowe Landscape Gardens

My family and I love Stowe Landscape Gardens.  We were delighted when they unveiled the fabulous New Inn visitor centre and whilst I was having a wander round a thought struck me - did they have education facilities?  Oh yes they do.

Fast forward 6 months or so and Catherine and Rachel were driving down the M6 to co host All About Weddings with me.

It was my first seminar where I was training weddings and I was very much looking forward to it.  Determind to SHARE - knowledge, tips, fears, imagery, sales advice, flash advice - I held nothing back and we had a ball.

Before you have a look at a few of the pics from the 2 days I really need to thank some very important people.  I raved about this lot during the course - they are my 'people' - the amazing individuals who I have discovered through my business and who I now call friends.  They provided all the things that made the seminar top quality:

Anna McDonald and Ann Beggs for dresses and veils.
Cat Fransham for hair and make up - brilliant as always.
Rebecca from Gingerlily for the stunning bouquet and button holes.
Sarah from Euphoria for the incredible accessories.
Emma, one of the delegates, who took some behind the scenes shots.
And of course Hayley and Darren - our brilliant 'models' who had a nice couple of days kissing a lot...

Day 1 we talked a lot and then waited until the sun dropped a bit before heading down to the gardens for a pre-wedding shoot session.  In fact we kept shooting until 7pm so that we could have a play with back light and flare.

Day 2 and we spent the majority of the day shooting - beginning with details and then walking the length of Stowe  (that's quite a walk) for the wedding imagery.  The weather was STUNNING - so perfect, tricky light for training and we got to have picnic on the steps of the Temple of Concord and Victory.

We had such a good time that we've booked a special Winter Weddings seminar at Stowe on Dec 12th and 13th.  Maybe see you there!


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