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Thursday, 7 June 2012

To Boston with Love. London Calling.

Back in February I got a lovely enquiry via my website.  Lauren wrote to me saying 

"I am from Boston, Ma traveling to England with my husband and daughter who will be turning one while we are there.  I am in LOVE with England and would love to capture a bit of our trip... I love that your work takes the most simple of photographs (people walking in a field)and makes it into this stunning piece of fine art.  I would love to do that with the city of London as our backdrop.  Does any of this craziness make sense? "

Erm.  YES!

Fast forward to May and various collaborative emails later.  I had the pleasure of taking Lauren, hubby Jason and their adorable just turned 1 year old daughter, Ambrey, on a magical mystery tour of London Town.

We started in Trafalgar Square.  I knew it would be busy but that's just part of the reality of London at this time of year.  Within the first 2 mins of shooting they were being stopped by (other) tourists who wanted to take pictures of them.  I graciously stood back - well you have to, don't you!

At this stage we had blue skies and sunshine.  It was not to last - we experienced most of the English climate all in one day...


I took them out of Trafalgar and down the Mall, turning left into St James' Park.  At this stage I was explaining that the Royal Parks all have deck chairs - which you are supposed to hire.  We just borrowed these as a prop though...


As I led them onto the bridge across the lake I pointed out Horseguards, the Foreign and Commonwealth Offices and the London Eye and then I swung them round to see Buckingham Palace.  BUT the whole of the front was covered in scaffolding.  Hence this backdrop for pics.


From the park we walked down Birdcage Walk into Parliament Square.

And out the other side onto Westminster Bridge.

Just as we crossed the Thames and got down onto South Bank the weather turned nasty - wind and hailstones from nowhere.  We sheltered under Westminster Bridge and I love this shot of them kissing with Parliament in the background across the river.

We came out the other side to calmer skies and walked past the Eye, Oxo Tower etc.

On the walk I spotted this incredible patch of blooms and got a few pics of Ambrey on her own.

 By the time we had got past the Tate Modern and up onto Millennium Bridge we were in near hurricane conditions! Nothing dampened her spirit though - what a total cutey.

 Lauren swopped her Hunters for some serious heels...

After walking through the gardens of St Paul's we jumped on the Central Line and headed back to Notting Hill where they were staying. By now it was raining - but they all got changed and we headed down to Portobello Road - to get a very different face of London.    Now that the family were in neutral clothing I looked for some colourful, characterful backdrops - never a problem in this part of town.


 I loved this shoot and I love this family.  I wish more Brits would embrace lifestyle photography in this way.  Thank you, thank you for booking me all the way from Boston. xxx


  1. Oh, I just love how they came prepared with different outfits and embraced whatever the weather threw at you all! Little one is TOO cute! Great stuff.

  2. The perfect clients! And what fantastic photos. I'm sure your American fan base has just increased considerably

  3. Thank you for taking such good care of them over on your side of the pond!! The photos look gorgeous and I know they're so happy with them. Kudos! Xo

  4. The photos are amazing ! Gorgeous family and very talented photographer. Wow !

  5. Excellent pictures! You know you've done well when clients from abroad request your services!



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