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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Lady Chatterley's Lover - the team and behind the scenes

Generally speaking when I wake up in the morning and let the day ahead filter into my stirring consciousness I look forward to what lays ahead.

Sometimes you wake up and think 'yeay' - today is going to be just that extra bit special.  I definitely felt like this on Monday 21st May because it was time for a styled wedding shoot with a fantastic group of suppliers - many of whom I work with often but some who were meeting us all for the first time.

I really wanted to have a theme and story for this shoot - something to anchor my imagery and to give the rest of the team something to focus their creativity on.   When I first thought of Lady Chatterley's Lover I assumed that it would have been done.  I tentatively searched google and to our collective relief discovered not.  We set a date and started planning.

I feel very lucky to get to work with the people I'm going to introduce you to now - without them I have no content, no inspiration and not nearly as much fun!

The astonishing venue
Nether Winchendon House – with the kind permission by Georgianna Spencer Bernard

The gorgeous 1920’s hair and make-up
Cat Fransham  and  Holly Preston

The breathtaking accessories
Sarah Fitzgerald of Euphoria Couture

The spectacular dresses
Anna McDonald Bridal Gallery

The sublime furs and gloves
Sasso Bride

The fantastic flowers
Joanna Carter Contemporary Flowers

The stunning venue dressing
Elegant Vintage Events

The exquisite stationery
Intricate Creations

The precious car
Nostalgia Travels

The promotion & behind-the-scenes shots
Anna MacDougall of bride&glory Wedding Planning

The photographer's assistant
Ravinder Crone

That's me on the floor as normal with Rav next to me. You can just see Cat touching up make up - bottom right and the owner and 'chauffeur' for the today of Nostalgia Travels.

We had a very attentive audience.

Here you see Cat and Holly doing their thing with Sarah in the background getting the models ready.  Below right is Joanna, florist, and Kay from Intricate Creations.

 Here you see yours truly (again!  so rare for me to get this side of a lens) and our lovely Mellors.  4 from left is Lou from Louise Grace Wedding Planning. And front far right is Toni from Elegant Vintage Events.

Lovely Sarah from Euphoria ;)  Missing Anna McDonald though.  She was busy buying more beautiful dresses...

 Cat in action with her Lady.
 And here is Anna MacDougall (of Bride and Glory) who brought the shoot to life on facebook and Twitter whilst  on location.

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