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Saturday, 30 June 2012

My Little Black Book

There have been two times in my life when I have particularly relied on word of mouth testimonials – when I was organising my wedding and when I had my first baby. Even now if I want to discover something new – be it a hotel, babysitter or plumber I trust recommendations from people I know over the numerous forms of advertising and marketing that is out there.

It is no different now I am running my own business and through recommendations I have met and worked with some talented and like minded businesses. I don’t recommend suppliers unless I can trust them and rate them. Therefore any of the businesses that I have included here I can whole heartedly recommend and know that you will be lucky to have them with you on your journey.

Wedding Dresses
Wedding Planning and Coordination

Rid yourselves of any preconceptions.  Either of these two lovely ladies will make your day a whole lot easier.

Live event musicians and DJs for hire in London and the surrounding areas - available for weddings, parties and corporate events.

Hair & Make Up
Wedding Accessories
Wedding Cakes

Wedding Shoes

Fitness - personal training, nutritional advice and massage therapies
Car Hire
Honeymoon Travel
Marquee Design and Hire

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Lady Chatterley's Lover - Styled Wedding Shoot

It all started with a breathtakingly spectacular venue, the desire to show off its beauty in a worthy manner and an infamous love story.

Styled photoshoots are almost done to oblivion these days, one might think. True – but that doesn’t make them any less exciting for the teams behind them, especially when you get to do something that’s just that bit different.

The inspiration for this shoot came from the infamous story of Lady Chatterley and her lover – a story so racy, it was considered ‘unmentionable’ when first published in 1926 and not permitted to be printed uncensored in the UK until 1960.

The plot revolves around Lady Constance Chatterley and her upper-class husband Clifford, who became paralysed after having being injured in the war, leaving Constance feeling neglected and frustrated both, emotionally and physically.

What ensues is Lady Chatterley’s battle of mind over matter, trying to put aside her physical needs in favour of a more mindful relationship with her husband. Her efforts are futile and eventually lead to a torrid and emotionally complex affair with Mellors, the estate’s gamekeeper.

With our combined creative license, of course, we endeavoured to capture photographically what D.H. Lawrence had put into words almost a century ago. We sincerely hope to have done him and us proud.

For full details of the brilliant team behind this shoot and a few pics of everyone in action please read the post here. 

This shoot was created to be shared so if you have a blog or know someone who might like to publish the images please get in touch and we will sort it!

We enter the story with Lady Chatterley’s invitation to join her for cocktails and dinner…


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