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Monday, 28 May 2012

The beginning of a love affair...

It's true.  I am totally blown away by the experience of shooting my first Hindu Ceremony.

The wedding of Hetal and Dzuy was on Friday so these are literally just a handful of images because I'm desperate to edit them all but can't due to the many other edits that I must complete first.

I was recommended to Hetal's cousin and I am very grateful that Hetal trusted me to photograph her wedding as she knew I hadn't experienced a Hindu Ceremony before.  The wedding began for me on Wednesday evening when I photographed some of the Mehndi ceremony.  Below you see the artist, Bhavna Patel of b-exquisite writing the groom's name in henna as part of the design.

Dzuy is Vietnamse so they began the day with a Civil Ceremony outside where they both wore the traditional ao dai wedding clothes and khăn đóng headdresses.   

 After this ceremony Hetal and Dzuy changed into traditional Indian costumes - Hetal's saree was beautiful and I was fascinated to watch her transformation for the Hindu Ceremony.  The ceremony is full of rituals - here are images that capture details of the Varmala and Saptapadi.

After the ceremony I asked Hetal if I could take some bridal portraits of her because she looked incredible.  

I love this picture of them both.

 Both Hetal and Dzuy changed outfits once more for the evening reception.  It was an incredibly hot day and the sun was relentless so I had avoided shooting any imagery of them outside during the afternoon and instead persuaded them to come outside just before sunset.


I am shooting another Hindu Ceremony on Saturday at Hampton Court Palace and I really can't wait.

Thank you Hetal and Dzuy for trusting me with this special day - I look forward to sharing the rest of the images with you soon.

 And thank you to all of the family and friends who were just incredibly friendly and welcoming.


  1. Gorgeous. I love the rich colours. The bride looks stunning and you've captured the tenderness between them beautifully.

  2. Beautiful, love them! Hindu weddings should be your dream, so many gorgeous details and colours!!!

  3. Ooh, I love the colour at Hindu weddings. Brilliant photos.

  4. amazing photos kate. Thank you for the lovely shots...

  5. Thank you so much Kate to you and Becky for capturing our special day! Cannot wait to see all the pics!




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