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Monday, 2 April 2012

Seductive Boudoir, Aspire Photography Training, March 23rd

I am full of admiration. Overloaded with it - for the incredible ladies who come and 'model' for Rachel and I on the boudoir course at Aspire. I think any lady is brave and brilliant who books a boudoir session with me but this is a different thing entirely. They go through this intense experience with a whole group of photographers present. I salute them.

Meet Sally. 50 this year. YES 50 with 3 grown up boys and look at her. Beautiful.

And the lovely Sarah who admitted to being relieved it was time for the shoot because she had been exercising and eating healthily in the lead up! She reminded me of a prettier Amy Winehouse - further enhanced by the delightful gingham set (courtesy of the fab Vicky at Le Rouge Boutique - go see - they are in the sale).

Vicky also lent us this gorgeous bra.

I decided to work with my Lens Baby for some of the shoot - I do love the effect for boudoir imagery.

I love the quietness of this image. Beautiful.



  1. Love these so much! you made me feel totally confident and i had so much fun, thank you xxxx


    1. Hey Sarah! So pleased you like them - more are on the way to Rachel. Thanks for being so fab, brave and fun. xx

  2. Thank you Kate. They are fab!
    I loved doing the shoot - I can't believe it's me saying this as someone who NEVER allows her photo taken! xx

  3. Sarah looks like a natural pro! Brilliant pics x

  4. Hi Kate!
    The 'Anonymous' comment 01.53pm was me. What an airhead!!
    Have a fab Easter!
    Love Sal xx

    1. Hey Sal. So nice to know it's you. Thanks for being so great on the shoot. An inspiration for anyone who thinks they are too old for boudoir. xxx



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