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Thursday, 15 March 2012

New Lens, Baby!

Whilst I was training a lovely lady 1-1 this week I got to play with my new LensBaby optics (Edge 80 and Double Glass).

So nice to have fun with something that gives no excuses for breaking rules and changing perspectives. I love the effects, which you can see suits location work, but I have also created some very beautiful, evocative boudoir portraits. Yeay to new kit! xxx


  1. Nice job Kate! Welcome to the Lensbaby world.

  2. So very glad to be here! Like the fact I get to just do what I want to do rather than what I should. Liberating.

  3. They are lovely Kate, really like the first and third shots, are they all from the same lens?

    1. Hiya Hazel. I'm pretty sure that they are both shot on the Double Glass optic with the f4 aperture ring. The camera and card don't record the lens/aperture so it's guess work when you want to repeat it! x



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