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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Cristian and Gill's Fanhams Hall Spring Wedding

On March 17th I had my first wedding of the season - and what a wonderful one it was too.

Cristian and Gill are a fab couple and I knew after meeting them that we would have a great time together. Gill's supernatural organisational skills also meant the day was plain sailing - all apart from the fact that due to sickness Cristian's dad, Alberto, couldn't make it on the day. This news made me more determind than ever to capture their story to the best of my ability.

They chose to get married at the Hertfordshire hotel Fanhams Hall - a great venue offering an incredible backdrop to the photos - both inside and out. The morning was relaxed and happy with a very excited little flowergirl, Tia, watching everything with wide eyed excitement.

There are always moments that I remember fondly and one was certainly the best men/ushers Nick, Jacob and Chris trying to get their neck ties on correctly.

We went to meet Cristian and Neil who arrived in a Rolls that Gill had organised as a surprise. I then ran back up to the bridal suite to photograph Gill getting in to her gorgeous dress. She was so relaxed and happy.

I have to admit to thinking 'yeay' when I saw the bridal suite because I knew that Gill would be ready on schedule - I don't often get the chance to get these kind of shots due to bride's running late...

The flowers on the day were stunning and created by my lovely friend and talented florist Rebecca of Gingerlily Flowers.

At this stage - on the way to the ceremony - some brides are shaking and very pale. Not Gill - she was radiant and excited.

Luca and Tia - Cristian's niece and nephew appeared first. Look at that smile on the groom's face when he saw his bride.

First kiss. I never tire of it.

We started the group shots outside but it was spitting and chilly so I jumped at the chance to take everyone into the conservatory. When I had gone to visit the location I had earmarked it for some photos. I often say to couples that I like the bridal party shots to be more relaxed and sitting if possible. This was the perfect spot.

And then on to my favourite part of the day. Some time with the couple away from the crowds.

There are some very popular spots for imagery at Fanhams Hall - particularly the bridges. If you look closely at the image of Gill and Cristian kissing behind the veil you'll notice the spits of rain. Brave, lovely people for coming outside with me.

However, this spot was one I had noticed on my venue visit and it didn't disappoint. Love these images.

Gill was hiding Hunter Wellies under the dress so I took them into the wood behind the bridges and celebrated the fact that the daffodils were out and spring had sprung.

This wasn't my first wedding with Italians present so I wasn't surprised to hear the persistent 'tinging' of cutlery against glass as the guests requested yet another kiss from the couple.

Here Cristian was addressing the Italian guests in mother tongue. I didn't understand a lot but it sounded wonderful!

Cristian's 'best' men revealed a shocker. Check out his mum, Wendy's, reaction.

A long, lovely first dance to Elbow's One Day Like This - which is playing on my itunes as I write this.

A final shot outside- thank you to Chris for holding my light for me. And to Becky Male who assisted me for the day.

Congratulations once again. I hope your new life in the North is wonderful and happy. A big thank you from me for letting me tell your story. xx

Thursday, 15 March 2012

New Lens, Baby!

Whilst I was training a lovely lady 1-1 this week I got to play with my new LensBaby optics (Edge 80 and Double Glass).

So nice to have fun with something that gives no excuses for breaking rules and changing perspectives. I love the effects, which you can see suits location work, but I have also created some very beautiful, evocative boudoir portraits. Yeay to new kit! xxx

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Ingrid Jacoby - Publicity shoot for International Pianist

The best part of being a people photographer? The people you get to work with.

It was an absolute pleasure to get the call from Ingrid who wanted some new publicity images. And whilst I photographed her with her piano she began to play. It was magical.

A Pretty Perfect Picnic

Last Thursday I spoke to Carole from Pretty Perfect about a new project she is working on. Within about an hour we had organised a shoot for Saturday involving 5 gorgeous girls, a wood and some party accessories.

Whilst the shoot was all about the hair accessories I thought why stop at a few headshots when you have an excuse to style it up and have some fun?

As usual the lovely Cat Fransham agreed to come and give me a hand and her beautiful blonde girls Kitty and Lula got involved, along with my daughter Kia and her friends Mia and Rocio.


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