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Monday, 6 February 2012

Seductive Boudoir, Aspire Photography Training, Jan 23rd

I had a lovely group and 2 fab ladies to photograph on the last Seductive Boudoir session at Aspire. As usual we had adjoining suites at The Royal and the room that Rachel was getting the girls ready in was a sea of lingerie, jewellery, heels and fur.

Jess was the first to be photographed and as a fellow photographer she was really quite nervous. I just loved her look - a bit kooky and vintage. It was amazing to see how she relaxed as the shoot progressed and towards the end she was like a different woman. I have such respect for her and hope that she likes the results. She admitted to being super picky so we shall see!

Seriously Jess - from where you started that morning can you believe this is you?

Love this. So cute.
Then we have Lydia - super confident and very relaxed about being photographed in lingerie infront of so many photographers. She's got a wicked personality and was a pleasure to work with. Lydia is voluptuous, with curves in all the right places. She looked super hot in the basque and gloves - and my Agent Provocateur 'rock chick' knickers.

Lydia's eyes are amazing - green and feline.

The gorgeous black corset was supplied by a boutique that every woman should know about. Whilst it may be up in the beautiful Lake District, Vicky who owns Le Rouge sells her incredible selection of lingerie and shoes online too. Vicky has just sent me a box of delights for a shoot that I am doing tomorrow - I'll post the images soon.

I have a good feeling that the delegates are going to go into boudoir shoots with plenty of new confidence and knowledge. And most importantly provide stunning, arty work for the genre.

Until the next time. xxx


  1. Absolutely love the images Kate - fabulous day, thank you! KerryB

  2. Kate it's Jess... I love them all! Thank you for making me feel super relaxed (after my nervous spell) and for taking some gorg photos :) xxx

    1. Fantastic! I'm so, so pleased. You do look rather fabulous though. xxx

  3. bloody hell Mrs...just WOW...and girls....you look AWESOME !

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