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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

A Boudoir Testimonial

Last year Andrea Franklin, fellow photographer, came down from York for a Boudoir session.

She's recently been interviewed by the York Press about the experience - how it changed her life and led her to begin to shoot boudoir for women too.

Click here to read the full article.

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Family time at Stowe

I have just loved the last few days of warmer weather which holds the promise of Spring.

My little family love Stowe - it's one of our very favourite places to have adventures. We had a great time today and as usual got into the car filthy and tired but happy.

I took my camera with one lens and just had fun with it.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Boudoir with a vintage vibe and two beautiful cats

It's true. One of them is the fabulous Cat Fransham who some of you will already know about because we work together so often. The other is Sayba - my beautiful burmese. He was a last minute, uninvited, addition. As tends to be the case with him and my boudoir shoots.

Recently I've been rummaging in flea markets looking for props and bits 'n' bobs to add to my boudoir collection. Quite a few of the things that I found had a vintage feel so I thought it would be fun to do a shoot with a bit of a vintage theme. Also for it to be a bit more editorial - to have more storytelling if you like.

So - firstly I contacted the lovely Vicky at Le Rouge Boutique and asked if she could lend me some lingerie. She was amazing and sent me some pieces - all of which appear in the bedroom set and I've put links at the bottom of the blog to the relevant pages on her website.

Secondly I sent an email to Cat asking if she fancied 'modelling'. I've photographed her before and know how incredible she looks on camera. Thankfully she agreed. It's not that I would have any problem finding someone to do this for me but I value Cat's creative input and ideas too. And of course she can do the hair and make up herself!

At the end of the shoot we had a play with a couple of my pieces - neither of which are for the faint hearted or body conscious. I think it's fascinating to see how Cat's body shape and expression reflect the outfits she wore - it really shows the impact that clothing can have on how a woman feels.

And we finished with a couple of portraits - damn she looks incredible doesn't she?

My boudoir portfolio is now quite varied which I hope offers women a chance to explore their own aesthetic within the shoot.

Links to the Le Rouge Lingerie:
Vintage Stitch Corset
High Waisted Black Knickers
Black Teddy
Oyster Slip

Monday, 6 February 2012

Seductive Boudoir, Aspire Photography Training, Jan 23rd

I had a lovely group and 2 fab ladies to photograph on the last Seductive Boudoir session at Aspire. As usual we had adjoining suites at The Royal and the room that Rachel was getting the girls ready in was a sea of lingerie, jewellery, heels and fur.

Jess was the first to be photographed and as a fellow photographer she was really quite nervous. I just loved her look - a bit kooky and vintage. It was amazing to see how she relaxed as the shoot progressed and towards the end she was like a different woman. I have such respect for her and hope that she likes the results. She admitted to being super picky so we shall see!

Seriously Jess - from where you started that morning can you believe this is you?

Love this. So cute.
Then we have Lydia - super confident and very relaxed about being photographed in lingerie infront of so many photographers. She's got a wicked personality and was a pleasure to work with. Lydia is voluptuous, with curves in all the right places. She looked super hot in the basque and gloves - and my Agent Provocateur 'rock chick' knickers.

Lydia's eyes are amazing - green and feline.

The gorgeous black corset was supplied by a boutique that every woman should know about. Whilst it may be up in the beautiful Lake District, Vicky who owns Le Rouge sells her incredible selection of lingerie and shoes online too. Vicky has just sent me a box of delights for a shoot that I am doing tomorrow - I'll post the images soon.

I have a good feeling that the delegates are going to go into boudoir shoots with plenty of new confidence and knowledge. And most importantly provide stunning, arty work for the genre.

Until the next time. xxx

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