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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

In their words - a wedding testimonial.

I'm just home from an exhausting few days at the big convention for my industry. Yesterday Nick Ghionis demanded that wedding photographers stopped giving their work away, for almost nothing, on disc.

I'm already in tune with his belief that it is our duty to far exceed our client's expectations by giving them an amazing experience and by delivering extraordinary imagery. Crucially in an album that becomes a little piece of history and the most powerful way to both relive and share a wedding day.

I recently asked one of my couples if they would be kind enough to write a short testimonial about their experience with me. This morning Ross emailed me their thoughts and it reduced me (and my husband) to tears. I put my heart and soul into my work and to actually have a client put into words what that gives them - how it makes them feel - was quite overwhelming:

"From the first meeting with Kate we knew that we had met someone who understood completely what we wanted for our special day. She put us at ease straight away and removed any fears that either of us had about investing in something such as a photographer without an instant guarantee of getting photos that we would like.

With wedding photography, Kate offers a brilliant pre-wedding shoot which enables her to get to know the both of you, she quickly learns how to bring the best out of each person with regard to posture and posing and makes you feel completely and utterly relaxed through the whole process.

Kate is a remarkably committed photographer who doesn't think for a second that laying down in mud in the rain or climbing a precarious step ladder will be too much for her to achieve that perfect photo for you.

Our actual wedding day started in monsoon like conditions with a little bit of hurricane in for good measure. One of my fondest memories is while sitting under some shelter with a laptop at 10am glumly writing my groom speech and watching the ceaseless rain. Suddenly a very wet little lady came through with a plate of breakfast, a smile and so much enthusiasm that I couldn't resist copying it. I don't think I can give Kate all the credit for the rain drying up and the wind dying down exactly 20 mins before the service but I'd happily give that she helped! She equally, without doubt, assured my future bride (who was in ‘floods’ of tears for a lot of the morning) that everything would be ok rain or shine and made her feel completely at ease.

For the rest of our wonderful day Kate worked tirelessly, capturing both the organised photos we had asked for and the reportage photographs of everyone at our wedding. The end result is that we have a photo album that holds some of the most beautiful images that either of us have ever seen (and not just because we are in most of them!). The style and composition of every photo is exquisite and more stylish, stunning and elegant than we could ever have dreamed of.

I had always believed that no matter how good a photo is, a memory is always better, after my experience with Kate, I believe this to no longer be true. Thank you Kate from the bottom of our hearts x"

Ross and Elizabeth Sadler.

By the way - Ross is well over 6ft tall so when he says "a very wet little lady" don't get the wrong idea!! I'm 5ft 8. xx


  1. What a wonderful affirmation that you are doing the right thing, and you are in the right job. Well done Kate, and well-deserved. Makes all the hard work worthwhile xxx

  2. Doesn't it? Totally blew me away. I'm very lucky to work with people like Ross and Elizabeth though. For couples like this you work just that little bit harder. x

  3. Kate that's so lovely! And so well deserved.

  4. What a great testimonial to a great photographer, and very well deserved indeed x

  5. Tom Weller Photography17 January 2012 at 19:12

    Now you are just rubbing it in Kate...! That's great and a testament to the quality of your work. See you soon. T

    1. Oh I know :(
      They'd have loved you too. Of that I am certain.

  6. No wonder you feel so good about this. Whatever sums of money change hands for wedding photography, this is what every photographer should want to hear back from their clients. Satisfaction personified...

    Well done Kate.

  7. Hi Kate! I am not surprised by this testimonial. Every time I have worked with you I have been so touched by the creativity that you have. You spot opportunities for beautiful compositions that I never see and produce beautiful images. I work with lots of photographers all year but always look forward to seeing your shots of a wedding more than others! joanna Carter

  8. Hi Jo. Thank you so much for such lovely words. Makes me smile because I say the same when it comes to you and flowers. xx

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