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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Boudoir Masterclass - Friday 13th January

What Women Want From Boudoir 1.00 - 2.30pm

The number of talks on Boudoir at SWPP in January demonstrates how it is becoming an increasingly popular and potentially lucrative part of a photography business.

Having shot a lot of boudoir sessions - both for private clients and as part of my training for Aspire Photography Training - I know it is one of the things I most love to shoot. But why? For various reasons but probably most significantly the positive impact the images have had on women's lives and well being. And on a creative front because I love the female form.

I have a very strong visual aesthetic about what I think boudoir is and how I want to shoot it. Yet I see a lot of boudoir imagery that is more glamour than art. The truth is that boudoir is a very difficult discipline to do well and very easy to get wrong.

I've been thinking a lot about this whilst putting together my Masterclass for SWPP.

I'll be sharing my experience of shooting the genre for the last 2 years - how my work has evolved, tips on posing, lighting, styling but most importantly what the women who come to me want from a session. And the importance of shooting outside client work to improve your imagery.

If you are thinking of attending then let me know what YOU want to get out of it - send me an email: kate@katehopewellsmith.com


  1. Looking forward to your session Kate....it's in my planner! See you in January. Have a great Christmas & New Year!

  2. Hi John. It will be great to see you there - for a coffee and catch up too! x

  3. Would love to have attended this but in South Africa for all the SWPP. Enjoy!

  4. Lucky you Glen. Was looking forward to a catch up too! Have a fab trip. x



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