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Monday, 5 September 2011

Nick & Jenny's Clifton Hampden Wedding

Nick and Jenny were married in the middle of August and decided to make it a wonderful local affair - with the ceremony, reception and evening do being a walk from their home in Clifton Hampden.

For me this wedding will always be precious because when I arrived at Jenny's it was to discover that one of the bridesmaids was Nikki (below) - my closest friend at school and the person I travelled around Europe with before university. We'd lost touch for absolutely no good reason and I'm delighted to have found her again.

Nick and Jenny chose blue as the main colour for their day and I loved the maquee decked out in gorgeous bunting. This idea was echoed in the order of service and Nick's sister, Steph, providing the beautiful illustration for the order of service.

When I met with Nick and Jenny for their pre-wedding shoot they gave me the amazing news that they were pregnant. Jenny had to change her dress and you really wouldn't have known that she had a little bump under there!

It's really quite rare for a bride to be able to walk to the church and it was so nice to see. There was just one busy road to cross but as they waited for the lights to change motorists were beeping and cheering as they drove past.

You can see how happy Jenny looked in the images above but just look at this series taken moments before she entered the church. I just LOVE how relaxed she is.

And I always love to see the first time they come together again before the vows.

A very happy new Mr and Mrs.

Below the church in Clifton Hampden runs the River Thames and after the ceremony the guests gathered here to have drinks and nibbles. I took a quick walk with Nick and Jenny down to the red brick bridge which was a lovely backdrop for the first few couple shots.

We carried on taking some pictures on the short walk from here to the cricket ground which was the location of the evening do. We stopped for some pictures by the gate through the churchyard because the light here was just gorgeous.

I liked these doors that we passed so again stopped for a quick pic.

Jenny had a rather lovely pair of red shoes on and I just loved how they looked against the freshly harvested wheat.

Having had 2 kids I'm fairly sure Jenny is discussing her bump here!

After the meal and before the dancing the guests were treated to a visit from an ice cream van. 99 Flakes proved very popular!

I hope you both had a lovely and restful honeymoon because a wedding is exhausting without growing a baby too. Look forward to seeing you with the rest of the pictures soon.

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