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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Pete & Fran's Wedding in Stanton St John

It's a good thing that I love wind. And long grass. Because I had both in spades for the pre-wedding shoot and the wedding day itself. On Saturday Pete and Fran exchanged vows in their village of Stanton St John. It was a truly local affair with their home, the church and the location for the reception a very short walk apart. However we did need to jump in the Land Rover to get to the spot on the edge of the village where Pete proposed and began this special day.

I've included a few of my favourite images from the pre-wedding shoot because we only did this on the Monday beforehand. This is the land that he works on so it is a very significant location. They were very relaxed and we had a great time together.

I had such a lovely time on Saturday - when so much effort is put into every detail it is a pleasure to be tasked with capturing it all. I loved the strong pinks that were the accent of the day and the flowers were absolutely stunning - particularly in the church (see the image a few down in the post).

Fran got ready at her parent's home and used their bedroom which had one fabulous pink wall. The preparations were very relaxed and happy, with people coming and going. Fran's mum, Penny, was happy to let the pageboy Henry have a good bounce on the bed.

The three flower girls, Eleanor, Millie and Rosie loved the day - they were all gorgeous and I loved their headbands. Millie, in the middle, is wearing her handmade placecard as a necklace here.The weather was a bit up and down but the flashes of pink made everything look so vibrant.

She may have been a little bit late but she was certainly happy. You can see Penny, her mum, looking to see Pete's reaction.

Fran has been drying flowers that Pete has given her for a while and the flowergirls handed out the confetti to guests.

The boys on the very short walk from St John the Baptist Church to the reception across the road.
Here's a happy shot of Fran with her bridesmaids - sister Sophie and friend Emily.

There was keen interest in the bouquet throw - particularly amongst Fran's 4 female cousins...

It was really very windy up by the reservoir but Pete and Fran were not phased at all - this image makes me smile as Pete was delighted to see Fran in her dress AND wellies.

I just love the drama that the wind and light lend to this sequence.

Pete with his beloved wife and beloved car!

There was a lot of smiling and a lot of hugging at this wedding.

And the band were brilliant - getting the dance floor rocking in a matter of minutes.

Stanton St John now plays host to an annual Napoleonic re-enactment group and Pete has a thing for weapons (they cut the cake with a sword) so was delighted when he was given the chance to fire an authentic period pistol.

The last shot of the day after saying goodbye to the bridal party and leaving them on the dancefloor. Thank you for letting me be a part of this wonderful day. Look forward to seeing you soon.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Chris & Maria's Wedding at Eastwell Manor

I was really looking forward to photographing Chis and Maria's big day because I knew about her bespoke Ian Stuart dress and had been to visit Eastwell Manor with them previously and it's a dream for a wedding photographer.

They had stunning weather - which has not been the case for most of the weddings I've photographed this 'summer'.

Maria's dress was beautiful, big and bold. The detail was incredible and she wore gorgeous jewellery and a pair of Jimmy's.

Maria had organised for a team from Toni & Guy to come down to Kent and they did an amazing job of the hair for the bride and also her bridesmaids, Stephanie and Gemma.

Maria was very quiet when she first looked at herself in the full length mirror - apparently this is most out of character but it was in a good way - she was just a bit overwhelmed to see it all come together.

Meanwhile Chris was getting ready with his bestman Justin and usher Tommy. They were making me laugh a lot - particularly during the long episode of getting their ties on correctly.

On the way to the ceremony (which is held outside in a walled garden) Maria wanted a few photographs by the stunning window at the top of the main staircase. Isn't it beautiful?

You make quite an entrance at Eastwell Manor for the ceremony - it's so nice for the Groom to be able to take a good look at his bride and even though Chris is in the shadows here you can tell that he is smiling.

First kiss as Mr and Mrs.

This makes me smile - paparazzi guests!

I could have gone on and on photographing these two because the venue has so many amazing nooks and crannies as well as the more obvious shots. I had noticed these 'windows' in the walled garden during the ceremony and knew I wanted to get a shot like this.

Again I had seen this spot earlier in the day but the bright sun had meant it wasn't going to work well - then a single cloud passed over and I got the shot I wanted!

It's nice to see the vista from the hotel terrace for a change.

I love this image.
And what a great setting for the group shot.

The throwing of the bouquet was hilarious. I told Maria to throw it as high as she could behind her - which she did - so much so that it sailed just over the waiting ladies and bounced on the ground. This didn't stop one of them claiming it though!

The bestman had put together a slideshow to illustrate his speech. My favourite was Chris' face superimposed over that of a matador - in reference to Maria's spanish family.

Just before the first dance I took them into the courtyard for some final shots.

I know that they are just back from honeymoon and hope that they had a wonderful time.


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