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Monday, 29 August 2011

My Parents - 40 years strong.

Ever since starting the photography business my mum has been saying she would love me to do a shoot for her and dad. I agreed but typically it just hadn't happened. Last week whilst in Ireland on hols my (fabulous) sister-in-law suggested I do a shoot and they frame the results for their recent 40th wedding anniversary.

She suggested it standing on a beach in a very remote part of the north coast of Ireland. That's all the detail I will give because this place is very, very special. Mum and Dad were totally windswept and wearing beach/looking after grandchildren clothes.

They jumped up and we went for a walk - laughing the whole time as I just treated them as I would any other couple. I love the results and they love the results and I have no doubt these photos will become very precious to my bro and I over time.

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