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Monday, 29 August 2011

LIttle Rascals, Aspire Photography, Aug 15th

I was in the Lakes recently for another Little Rascals training day - and I was blessed with a lovely group of photographers. Despite our fears about rain the day cleared and left us with that other concern for lifestyle photographers - bright sunshine!

In the afternoon we had the pleasure of photographing sisters Amber and Eva. These girls were a dream - beautifully behaved, willing to have fun and totally gorgeous too. I wanted a change of location - something Aspire are used to now as it keeps me on my toes and shows the delegates exactly how I work in a new location. We headed to 2 locations near the canal and also into a corn field. By working fast we got a lot done and ended up with a great variety of images.

I love these first 2 portraits - taken under a canal bridge with beautiful light and texture.

These images are quite tricky to get right - shooting into the light with bright contrasty sunshine - I love to shoot like this because you just can't get results like these without understanding light and making your camera work hard.

Kids and their parents always like some shots with movement .

These were some of the last shots of the day - I spotted a pool of sunshine by this bridge and positioned the girls in the light. Couldn't resist the contrast of the strong colours with their blonde hair.

What I consider to be a 'safe' shot in good light - how I tend to begin my shoots and my training sessions.

In the morning we spent an hour or so with little Max. As always when you are photographing a child who is c. 18 months you have NO idea what will be possible but this fella was a complete star. He ended the shoot filthy and wet - so it's fair to say he quite enjoyed himself.

Quite a few of the photographers on the course seemed relieved to see that Max didn't sit still and that he said 'no' to me - in other words he behaved normally and they watched me be very relaxed and work at his pace. They also learnt how important the parents are in achieving these kind of images.

By keeping him moving he didn't get fed up and we were able to explore top shade, side lighting and back lighting.

Look forward to the next session!

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