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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

First Look - Zoe & Ben

Zoe and Ben got married on Friday last week and when I think of their wedding two things spring to mind first - the flowers and the laughter. Ben's mum Janet and her husband Dennis are florists and they produced the most incredible displays of flowers - stunning and abundant.

And then the laughter. It's fair to say that Ben is a funny guy. The speeches were full of brilliant moments but there was laughter all day long. What makes this more special is that they made a very brave decision to change their reception venue 10 days before. You can only imagine how stressful that must have been. But on the day you would never have known.

A few other things that I remember from the day include Zoe's insistence about doing her own mascara.
Loving the way all of the girls hair looked whilst they were helping Zoe on with her dress.

The top hats - especially on the boys. Very dapper.

The looks that passed between Zoe and Ben - both as she entered the church and during the ceremony.

The readings - particularly the second reading by the kids. You can't fail to smile at how gorgeous they were - especially when the two little ones had to be picked up to reach the mic.

That happy acknowledgement that they are now Mr and Mrs.

The flowers!

Couldn't resist a top hat moment. Quite enjoyed the bit afterwards as they tried to find which hat was theirs.

How thoughtful Zoe and Ben were about keeping the kids happy - both during the reception and also the meal with colouring sets and toys at the table.

I like this shot of the boys waiting for the group shots to start - totally engaged with Ben at the centre of it all.

Ramster Hall was the final venue for the reception - it's a fabulous place - stunning both on the inside and in the courtyard and grounds.

Ben's mum also made and decorated the cake. As I left I had a taste - delicious.

We managed to sneak off for 10 minutes into the grounds for a few 'couple' shots. Due to the change of venue none of us knew where we would take the photos but actually 10 mins was not long enough. The grounds are very mature and there were sculptures, japanese maples, ponds etc.

Just love this because, as usual, Ben is laughing.

Although he's quite a romantic at heart.

The speeches were long and very amusing. I particularly enjoyed the banter between Ben and his best man and brother Spencer.

The band were great and had everyone up and dancing - with Zoe and Ben obviously leading the way.

They are away on honeymoon at the moment and I hope they are having a wonderful, relaxing time. See you when you get back! x

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