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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Russell & Charlotte's Notley Abbey Wedding

On Sunday August 7th Russell and Charlotte were married at Notley Abbey near Thame. It is a stunning venue with medieval architecture and modern interiors.

The morning of the wedding was a little fraught as once again the heavens opened and there was a lot of uncertainty about the ceremony being held outside - however you can see from one of the shots of the ceremony below that Charlotte made the right decision to go for it as half way through the sun came out and the sky was blue.

Things that I love and remember about this lovely wedding were firstly the bride and groom - Russell and Charlotte are such nice individuals and a great couple.

Charlotte's mum, Jayne, had put such a huge effort into so many details including the beautiful dress for Amelia the flowergirl, the flowers and the incredible cake.

I like this image of Charlotte getting ready in the bridal suite because she looks so calm and happy.

I had 10 mins or so with Russell and his best man Craig. This is my first wedding with kilts and I was asking them loads of questions about the jackets, socks, sporrans etc.

Here Craig was telling Russell that Charlotte had appeared.

This is such a lovely moment - the two of them looking at each other properly for the first time.

That blue sky was a total shock to all of us - minutes earlier the ceremony was nearly going to take place inside the Abbey.

Charlotte is a school teacher and her class attended the ceremony and joined in the confetti throw.
Notley Abbey is very well known for the tree lined avenue and they wanted to use it for the main location of their photos alone. I love these next few images - I think they both look absolutely gorgeous.

And I loved Russell's kilt - which looked so fab next to the bouquet.

The boys. The car. The kilts. Great.

The first dance was followed by a ceilidh band - again a first for me. Probably stupidly I threw myself into the centre of the action and narrowly missed flying limbs. It looked exhausting but huge fun.

And here are a last couple of images of the two of them alone.

We finished off outside Notley which looked very dramatic all lit at night - I love the orange of the lights against that deep blue sky.

I'm looking forward to seeing them both soon to share the rest of their story with them.

Monday, 29 August 2011

LIttle Rascals, Aspire Photography, Aug 15th

I was in the Lakes recently for another Little Rascals training day - and I was blessed with a lovely group of photographers. Despite our fears about rain the day cleared and left us with that other concern for lifestyle photographers - bright sunshine!

In the afternoon we had the pleasure of photographing sisters Amber and Eva. These girls were a dream - beautifully behaved, willing to have fun and totally gorgeous too. I wanted a change of location - something Aspire are used to now as it keeps me on my toes and shows the delegates exactly how I work in a new location. We headed to 2 locations near the canal and also into a corn field. By working fast we got a lot done and ended up with a great variety of images.

I love these first 2 portraits - taken under a canal bridge with beautiful light and texture.

These images are quite tricky to get right - shooting into the light with bright contrasty sunshine - I love to shoot like this because you just can't get results like these without understanding light and making your camera work hard.

Kids and their parents always like some shots with movement .

These were some of the last shots of the day - I spotted a pool of sunshine by this bridge and positioned the girls in the light. Couldn't resist the contrast of the strong colours with their blonde hair.

What I consider to be a 'safe' shot in good light - how I tend to begin my shoots and my training sessions.

In the morning we spent an hour or so with little Max. As always when you are photographing a child who is c. 18 months you have NO idea what will be possible but this fella was a complete star. He ended the shoot filthy and wet - so it's fair to say he quite enjoyed himself.

Quite a few of the photographers on the course seemed relieved to see that Max didn't sit still and that he said 'no' to me - in other words he behaved normally and they watched me be very relaxed and work at his pace. They also learnt how important the parents are in achieving these kind of images.

By keeping him moving he didn't get fed up and we were able to explore top shade, side lighting and back lighting.

Look forward to the next session!

Naimh - shoot on the wild Irish north coast

Last week whilst on holiday with my Irish side of the family I was able to shoot for pure pleasure. Quite a few people were wondering why I wanted to keep taking pictures when they knew I was pretty exhausted and had only a few precious days. But this wasn't work. This was me in a stunning location and super relaxed. These images don't need any explanation - it was just a walk with Niamh (my cousin's daughter) across the rocks, grass and beaches.

My Parents - 40 years strong.

Ever since starting the photography business my mum has been saying she would love me to do a shoot for her and dad. I agreed but typically it just hadn't happened. Last week whilst in Ireland on hols my (fabulous) sister-in-law suggested I do a shoot and they frame the results for their recent 40th wedding anniversary.

She suggested it standing on a beach in a very remote part of the north coast of Ireland. That's all the detail I will give because this place is very, very special. Mum and Dad were totally windswept and wearing beach/looking after grandchildren clothes.

They jumped up and we went for a walk - laughing the whole time as I just treated them as I would any other couple. I love the results and they love the results and I have no doubt these photos will become very precious to my bro and I over time.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Paul & Carla's Rectory Hotel Wedding, Crudwell

Paul and Carla's wedding was just a pleasure to be a part of. They wanted an intimate affair for their very closest family and friends and so chose exclusive use of the Rectory in Crudwell a lovely boutique hotel in the Cotswolds. I've stayed there with my kids before and it's also very child friendly and I can highly recommend it!

Carla is from South Africa and some of her family had flown over to share the day with her and Paul. The bridal preparations were very relaxed and happy with her aunt taking the role of making sure everything was happening according to plan downstairs.

Carla looked absolutely stunning and I thought that her dress was perfect for her. The two bridesmaids, her sister Jenna and best friend Michelle wore sage green which I also loved.

The wedding was full of the most incredible and thoughtful details - I particularly loved the ornate jewellery detail used on the table plan, favours, menus and also the original invites.

These cakes are made locally and the decorative detail on each cupcake was amazing.

I had 10 minutes with Paul and his best man Jed - they are old friends and Jed's speech later in the day was not without emotion.

Those nervous few minutes getting into her dress just before she headed down to the conservatory for the ceremony.

Carla's mum, Lazelle, walked her down the aisle and later in the evening said a few words about what a lovely daughter she is.

This photo sums up how Paul and Carla were all day - very much in love and into each other. It was at this point that I suggested we have 15 mins away from the guests to take some pictures of the two of them.

Rather than use the sculpture/installation/seat (not quite sure how to describe it) for Carla and Paul I thought it would be fun to get some relaxed shots of the 'girls' instead.

Again - this was a brief moment between them that I noticed and couldn't resist.

I left the Rectory once the dancing was well underway and took one last picture of the pond - transformed at night with the floating candles. Not that it hadn't looked lovely during the day with the water lilies.

So thanks to Paul and Carla for choosing me to capture their day, to their lovely friends and family for making me feel so welcome and also to the staff at The Rectory who were super nice to me all day too!


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