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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Yummy Mummies, Aspire Photographic Training, July 4th

The weather was very kind to us again for training - a warm day that meant the babies could happily be stripped off.

It was a lovely group to train and I really hope that everyone left with renewed inspiration and most importantly confidence about shooting this genre in lifestyle photography.

I really tried to focus the day on exploring soft, diffused front lighting, more dramatic side lighting and also how to shoot into the light as shown below.

As my 'bump' had a red top we spent a few mins in the woods because I wanted to talk to the delegates about colour theory and how being aware of complimentary colours can add clarity to your work.

Rachel added the splash of red lipcolour. It's always the details that makes the images...

During the very lates stages of pregnancy many women can't sit like this easily so I took the opportunity as she was just over 6 months.

Well isn't he a cutie. He will be on the move any day now and I'm so lucky that he wasn't quite there - I LOVE this development stage - lots of expressions and interaction.

Love this.

I've been waiting for a warm enough day to actually fill the bath and use it as it is intended.

I took this just after we took him out of the bath. How gorgeous is it to photograph a 7 month old naked like this?Most babies as young as 11 weeks don't like to be on their tummies whilst they are awake but little Aliya sleeps like this due to problems with reflux. As a result she was calm and content, totally stretched out just having a good look around.

She did have a very quick nap during the shoot so I got the chance to pop my Macro on and take some detail shots.

This image just makes me smile.
I'm back up with Aspire Photography Training next Thursday for another session on the beach with Little Rascals.

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