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Friday, 22 July 2011

Little Rascals, Aspire Photography, July 14th

We had a great day on the recent Little Rascals course. Beginning in the morning with Charlie who was quite brilliant and not phased at all by the 10 other photographers pointing lenses at him.

And then we headed off to the beach again - with entirely different conditions to the previous course - very bright and breezy. What all photographers fear - pure, undiluted sun. I showed them how I deal with this kind of light before heading into the shade.

Indigo, William and James were brilliant - a complete pleasure to work with and full of smiles and laughter. From my perspective - take a look at those eyes!

Without doubt the best moment of the shoot. James' hat kept flying away and Indigo and William's belly laughs resulted in some of my favourite shots of the day.

This image was actually shot in full sun - with the help of a one stop diffusor and a reflector.

Very well deserved ice creams. And luckily Rachel thought I should have one too ;)

Love this image - makes me smile every time.

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