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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Vintage Style Wedding Films

Wedding videos aren’t for everyone but, whilst browsing more vintage wedding sites, I have discovered Super-8 wedding videos.

To those not familiar with Super-8, it is basically a vintage/retro/romantic film-making style which is perfectly suited for those wanting not only something different, but much more in keeping with your theme if you are ‘going vintage’. A Super-8 film will be true to the day, original and age gracefully – definitely something to love.

It’s a specialised and skilled method and, as such, is particularly important to find the right videographer. To help, I have found Mark W Brown (www.markwbrown.com)

Mark is a filmmaker that specialises in Super-8mm wedding films. He is based in London but will travel around the Uk (and indeed the world!) and works with vintage move cameras, combining both black & white & colour film.

Mark explains that “Super-8mm is a motion picture format, different to video because in stead of capturing the image to an HD card or video tape it exposes the image onto a strip of film 8mm wide (hence the name). The final result is beautiful, with a timeless quality that video cannot replicate.

Super-8mm was at the height of its popularity in the 50's, 60's and 70's, but with the increase in digital video, it became too expensive for the average household and simply faded away. But in the last decade it has made a big comeback through visual artists and (more recently) Wedding Filmmakers who wish to create films that are more closely associated to art than your run-of-the-mill Wedding video..."

and I do Films (www.i-do-films.co.uk).

I Do Films specialise in Super 8 Cine films for wedding and special family events. Established and run by Rachel Knights; Rachel has been developing her Super 8 mm cine & digital wedding videos over the last few years, culminating in highly artistic and personal films with a different edge to the traditional video. She works with a team of highly talented professionals, including skilled camera operators.

Preferring to give her wedding clients shorter films of between 10 and 20 minutes that are full to the brim with the poetic intimate details, set to the clients favourite music. No long speeches or over laboured meandering video sequences that look like they were filmed by Uncle Fred!

I had a wedding video and it was very good quality but I still find the reality of it a little jarring. You will find your memories are a whimsical mix of your imagination and your photographs so a video can sometimes impact on this in a negative way. Anyway - back to the editing but hopefully a post that some of you find inspiring!

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