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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Rob & Lisa - Love - Plain and Simple

When you are a photographer you often lack the kind of imagery in your life that you create for others. For example I have very few photographs with my husband and kids, even less with my husband etc. And yet I know many, many photographers! Asking someone to take photographs of you/for you is a quite a big thing. Not least because you have to put aside how you would shoot it.

So when 2 friends (and both fabulous photographers) asked me to take some images of them and their relationship I was honoured. But extremely daunted. Not least because they both like different shooting styles - Rob loves backlight and Lisa loves top shade. Luckily I love to shoot both so gave them a bit of what they both wanted.

What is also interesting is that when the shoot is about you and how you feel you do step back from the 'frame' and from judging it with a photographer's eye. Lisa and Rob are delighted with the images - because it is abundantly clear how they feel about each other. As far as they are concerned I have captured the love and the spirit of that love. The fact that they might like the light or the composition is very much secondary. As it should be from their perspective. The photographer on the other hand should be constantly striving to bring together the emotion, the light, the environment and the composition. No pressure then....

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