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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Rob & Anna - at home at Old Worleys

Rob and Anna's wedding on Saturday was full of beautiful details and was such a treat to shoot. Anna got married at her family home which also happens to be a new venue for weddings in Henley-On-Thames. Old Worleys has magical views but equally important to Anna's wedding was the garden which not only looked incredible but also provided the stunning arrangements of flowers that adorned the marquee and house itself.

The weather did provide a challenge - wet days the week before meant that Rob spent the morning of the wedding erecting a yurt with his friends. One of my memories of the day was Anna sneaking looks out of the window watching the progress and then, later, the guests arriving.

There were so many beautiful details to photograph and one of my favourites were the floral headbands worn by the flowergirls and Anna herself. They were wrapped with fresh thyme providing the most incredible smell. The 3 flowergirls also wore gorgeous white dresses which demanded some serious twirling throughout the day.

The ceremony was due to take place in the rose garden but a violent burst of rain and thunder put a very last minute stop to that but Anna still came into the barn bare foot with her father having sheltered under brollies to do so.

The confetti was quite simply breathtaking, baskets and baskets of different rose petals. One of my favourite things was seeing the confetti on the floor of the barn once the ceremony was over.

The rain did blow over and so we were able to take some photographs outside. Firstly we went into the rose garden and then later we wandered into the meadow.

Anna spent the whole day in bare feet and wasn't at all worried that the ground was damp. They clearly enjoyed 10 mins away from the guests.

As we walked through the meadow I noticed a butterfly land on Anna's veil - it was a very beautiful moment.

I love this shot. They were totally unaware of me - just enjoying each other.

At this stage we were heading back to the marquee - we all love the fact that you can see the house and marquee in the distance.

One of the many things that stood out for me was how the marquee design - the stunning umbrellas and glass lamps - looked just as beautiful during the day as they did twinkling by candlelight in the evening. The whole wall of windows looked wonderful once darkness descended.

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