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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Jon and Angela - some of my faves

As a wedding photographer it's my job to get those key moments - the kiss, the rings etc - some of this is purely capture and some involves a little bit of artistic input. Then there are the moments that just come together - be it setting, emotion or maybe light. The Ashmolean Museum certainly had a lot to offer a photographer!

As I look back over each wedding there are always some images that I really like and here are a few more from Jon and Angela's wedding in addition to the small selection that I blogged the day after.

The two bridesmaids were brilliant - charging off and running riot in a very nice way! I photograph children a lot in my portrait work and so I love it when they play a part at the weddings I shoot.

Angela was a very relaxed bride - sometimes I capture a very different kind of emotion 30 seconds before all of your guests see you for the first time...

Still love that first kiss.
And the moment of relief when the ceremony is over.

Just love this sequence - the girls came straight in between Jon and Angela and literally ran me down!

A spot of rain only, thank goodness.

You can't help but notice these two.

I'd love to say this group shot was easy. But I'd be lying! Worth it though.

A different vibe altogether once we were away from the modern part of the Ashmolean. So I treated the images to reflect that.

But I also love the shots in this part of the museum.

And this is just one of those happy moments.

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