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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Yummy Mummies, Aspire Photographic Training, May 13th

A very different day dawned weather wise last Friday for my Yummy Mummies course at Aspire Photographic Training. There was a chill in the air, showers and quite a breeze. Keeping the babies warm during the shoots is my priority so it meant that we stayed by the studio with the babies utilising top shade and natural light.

My lovely bump however was benefiting from an increased body temperature due to her pregnancy! She was also super relaxed, had a fab hubby and was very happy to display her lovely pregnant form.

Two very different images - one demonstrating spot metering and back lighting and one a very natural lifestyle image. Note the cropping in both images - I thought Sophie had a very beautiful mouth!

This is what you get when you combine brilliant, confident people with a great location. A strong, beautiful statement about them and their pregnancy.

Meet Amelie, just over 7 months, gorgeous and such fun to photograph. She loved the attention and was a star throughout the shoot.

Amelie is just about to crawl so shots like these will become harder and harder to capture.

A quick shot to remind the delegates to look at all angles - shooting wide open from above with babies and toddlers can give great results.

I like to include mum in the shoots if she is happy - it's quite rare to have lovely pics with your babies - I have a handful that are very precious. I couldn't resist adding a splash of colour with the rose.

In the morning before the shoot I warn the delegates that we will be lucky if the baby settles enough to get some cute sleepy images. William was a star - sleeping his way through most of the shoot, in and out of baths and cases, only waking to have some shots taken with his mum to finish off.

I can't resist a tiny mouth - the kind of shot that demands a macro lens.

Normally I would have the baby naked for shots like these but I just loved this babygro so we were able to keep William warm and create some lovely images.

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