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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Pre Wedding Shoot - Ben & Candy

This pre-wedding shoot with Ben and Candy was a bit special for me. The reason is quite simple and will have some of you nodding and getting it and those without children kind of understanding but not quite.

So this lovely couple have 2 gorgeous children. Yesterday we got together to talk over the details of their wedding next month and do the pre-wedding shoot. We headed to a park and woodland just outside Leighton Buzzard where they live.

I mention the children because when you have young kids, as I do, the kisses, cuddles, affection and day to day touching is largely directed at them, indeed sucked up by them. Leaving very little for your partner. What played out on this shoot was a couple being allowed to enjoy each other again. Without interruption - well apart from my shutter that is....

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