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Thursday, 19 May 2011

"Photography! Acquiring the knowledge and tools to express your artistic vision"

Wayne Paulo's quote sums up why I have worked so hard to understand the technical side of photography - I always know exactly what I want to capture, the way I see the world - and so it is essential to know how. And when you are a people photographer time waits for no man.

When I am training I am always fascinated to know why each individual is there - what matters to them, worries them, inspires them. Like I remember the handful of teachers at school and my mentors during my days in media in London we all have significant people in our journeys. Brett Harkness was right at the beginning for me and I will always be grateful for his direct and honest 'shove'.

So - when people tell me that I have made a difference, in some small way, to their journey it makes me SO happy.

I was emailed this morning by Tom Cairns and you can read his musings on embarking on a career as a lifestyle photographer here.

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