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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Jon and Angela - first glimpse of their lovely day

Yesterday I very much enjoyed capturing the lovely wedding of Jon and Angela.

They are off on a fabulous honeymoon tomorrow so just wanted to post a few images for them now.

They got married in Bladon where they live and Canon Adrian Daffern conducted a very relaxed and happy ceremony.
After enjoying some pimms and cupcakes we all hopped on a vintage bus to the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford for the reception. As the storyteller a photographer is hoping to capture some of the very special moments - for me this is one of them. We had just started the 15 min photographic session with the two of them and I said 'guys have you taken a moment to actually appreciate that you've just got married?' This was the result.

As a painter and art historian in days gone by a wedding at the Ashmolean was just a treat for me. I loved this area of the museum for the fusion of the graphic and contemporary lines with the antique busts.

This wasn't a shot that I had in mind but am very glad that I raced up the staircase to see what the view was like!

Behind them was a wall sheet of glass so decided to shoot into the light.

I will blog about the wedding properly in a few weeks after the viewing and include details on the beautiful dress, flowers etc.


  1. Stunning, every time you pick up the camera

  2. Kate, These are truly fantastic pictures and I am sure Jon and Angela will love them.

    Chris (bestman)

  3. Thanks so much Kate, these photos are great & a wonderful reminder of the day. We're really looking forward to the viewing when we're back. Thanks again also for all your hard work on the day, it was appreciated. Angela & Jon



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