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Monday, 30 May 2011

Elizabeth & Ross - Pre Wedding Shoot at the Matara Centre

On Saturday I met up with Elizabeth and Ross in the rain at the Matara Centre where they are getting married in July. What a fab venue - really unique and carefully considered. They are taking the venue for 3 days so we started the shoot in the house where they will be staying with closest friends and family.

Elizabeth wants a window seat. And this incredible house has some very lovely ones - so that's where we began...

I'm a big fan of old doors and the Matara centre has plenty of gorgeous Asian originals. Only snag was Ross - he's 6ft 7 and many of the doors aren't!

Love these shots.

This is where Elizabeth will first be seen by Ross and the guests - she will enter the cloistered courtyard with her father here.

The Matara Centre has stunning grounds so I can't wait to have a bit of time on my own with them on the big day.

I spotted this log pile and by this point in the shoot they were used to my slightly quirky requests. Thank you!

Really, really looking forward to being part of your day.

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