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Monday, 30 May 2011

Elizabeth & Ross - Pre Wedding Shoot at the Matara Centre

On Saturday I met up with Elizabeth and Ross in the rain at the Matara Centre where they are getting married in July. What a fab venue - really unique and carefully considered. They are taking the venue for 3 days so we started the shoot in the house where they will be staying with closest friends and family.

Elizabeth wants a window seat. And this incredible house has some very lovely ones - so that's where we began...

I'm a big fan of old doors and the Matara centre has plenty of gorgeous Asian originals. Only snag was Ross - he's 6ft 7 and many of the doors aren't!

Love these shots.

This is where Elizabeth will first be seen by Ross and the guests - she will enter the cloistered courtyard with her father here.

The Matara Centre has stunning grounds so I can't wait to have a bit of time on my own with them on the big day.

I spotted this log pile and by this point in the shoot they were used to my slightly quirky requests. Thank you!

Really, really looking forward to being part of your day.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Newborn shoot with baby Krishan

I was contacted by Krishan's dad when his lovely wife Harji was still pregnant - they were very clear on the type of baby photography that they wanted and that it should be within the first week or so after the birth.

Thankfully everything was good after the birth of this gorgeous little fella so we were able to do the shoot when he was 10 days old.

The shoot began with belly ache laughter as Krishan soiled his dad's pristine white t-shirt within the first 10 mins. Once that was out of the way though he settled down to have a blissful sleep and enabled me to capture these beautiful images.

I was very taken with Krishan - can you blame me - check out that hair!!

I added this hat to my collection some time ago and this is the first time that I've used it.

He was toastie warm - there's a hot water bottle under that cosy blanket!

His first smile. At 10 days it may well be a fluke (or wind related!) but do we care, no.

As I've said previously I love to get some images of Dad's and babies - the scale thing. And at 10 days old the Mums aren't mad keen on the thought of being photographed...

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Pre Wedding Shoot - Ben & Candy

This pre-wedding shoot with Ben and Candy was a bit special for me. The reason is quite simple and will have some of you nodding and getting it and those without children kind of understanding but not quite.

So this lovely couple have 2 gorgeous children. Yesterday we got together to talk over the details of their wedding next month and do the pre-wedding shoot. We headed to a park and woodland just outside Leighton Buzzard where they live.

I mention the children because when you have young kids, as I do, the kisses, cuddles, affection and day to day touching is largely directed at them, indeed sucked up by them. Leaving very little for your partner. What played out on this shoot was a couple being allowed to enjoy each other again. Without interruption - well apart from my shutter that is....

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Calico Moon - stunning VW wedding hire

On a recent bridal shoot I was lucky enough to meet Bethany of the VW wedding hire company - Calico Moon. They offer two fully restored vehicles: Filly is a 1959 LHD split screen camper which underwent a full restoration in 2009 and, seen below, Cally a 1958 LHD Karmann beetle convertible.

Cally is in perfect condition and is just beautiful. Bethany and Simon clearly take great pride in the quality of their vehicles and I have no doubt in the quality of their service too.

Take a look at Filly here and get in touch with Calico Moon if this fits the kind of vibe you are looking for at your wedding.

The rather gorgeous 'bride' is Rebecca of Gingerlily Flowers and she added all of the beautiful bows and flowers to Cally. Click on the collage to see the images in greater detail.

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