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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Let her eat cake....

I was listening to an audio book whilst driving the length of the M6 (again...) when the truism was reiterated that we are only as good as the team around us. As those who read my blog know every few months a team of suppliers get together for a shoot day - on Friday we were let loose again and we had SUCH fun.

One of the star roles - Laura the VW van - was only included a couple of days before and the location, Goosey in Oxfordshire was only discovered because my sat nav took me a wanderin' (the evening before....). It was a grey and overcast day but Natalia the fabulous model was a true sport - on the condition that she got to eat cake...

So - the team:

Anna McDonald provided the dresses and her very own wellies.
Cat Fransham of Make Up for Brides amazed us all with crimping to die for... and the most perfect lip colour for that lonely little phone box.
Sarah of Euphoria Couture once again provided accessories from heaven.
Anna MacDougall - wedding planner behind Bride and Glory was the source of Laura the VW van.
Joanna Carter provided the gorgeous bouquets.
Vintage Days kindly let me borrow the cake stand and vintage accessories and I provided the cakes!

We all came together in Goosey because we are part of a bespoke event hosted by Florey Marquees. I never knew marquees could be so stylish and contemporary. If you want to have a look around this week contact Mark Florey - prepare to be wowed.


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