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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Experimental shoot at the new Hasselblad studios

My route into photography was very much through lifestyle - initiated by the basic desire to take better images of my children. As my passion and confidence grew so did my reading matter and hence the reputation of medium format Hasselblads was one I was familiar with.

A few weeks ago a photographer friend (Nigel of Studio Ferguson) proactively arranged a days shoot at the recently opened Hasselblad Studio in London. Nigel, as a Hasselblad owner, was responding to the brand's desire to let photographers investigate and test the cameras.

I was delighted to be invited to tag along - my interest was 2 fold - to use a medium format digital camera and to learn more about lighting. As a location photographer I work with and manipulate existing light but am always fascinated and keen to know more about lighting techniques.

So - shooting with the blad. In a nutshell, different and for me not necessarily good different. Aside from how different if felt to handle the big learn was the True Focus function (and the Absolute Position Lock). I didn't find it easy to use - although like anything I have no doubt that practice would solve this. Of course I was totally blown away by the quality of the images - it is entirely different and I'm sure a complete joy. However, with the basic ISO capacity (no doubt restricted due to maintaining quality) a Hasselblad wouldn't work for me in my wedding business.

I was more than happy to revert back to my Nikon D3 and concentrate more on the lighting set ups. It's a serious skill and just the slightest change can make or break an image. I had a fab day, learnt new things but was very happy to pick up a prime and get the hell outdoors again...

All of these images were taken on my D3 as we were shooting tethered and Nigel has the blad files!

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