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Monday, 24 January 2011

Bride Testimonial - Why I do what I do.

This morning I got an email from one of my brides that made me teary. It is more than I could hope to ever hear, but it does sum up what I aspire to achieve with every shoot. Thank you Laura.

"A friend of a friend recommended Kate to me, and I promised I’d take a look at her website (along with a mountain of other recommendations that you tend to get when planning a wedding). Immediately I could see that Kate’s photography was different, and exactly what I wanted. Kate’s style, simply put is just beautiful photography. It can be formal without being ‘stiff’, arty without being overly quirky, and always in a beautiful light and a finish that most suits each individual photograph. All this at the same time as quietly capturing some of the most tender moments that you simply can’t stage – and these are our most treasured shots from our day, ones we had no idea were even taken.

It had never occurred to me whether I preferred a male or female photographer, I didn’t think I had a preference. However it quickly became clear what an enormous help a female photographer can be. Throughout the time we spent with Kate she really got to know us as a couple, as individuals, she provided recommendations for vintage jewellery and hair accessories, on the day she artfully tied sashes on bridesmaid dresses, laughed along with the stories from the hen party, helped a fumbling ‘mother of the bride’ with the bustle on my dress, put a nervous flower girl at ease, and truly joined in the spirit of the day – the laughter and the tensions. I felt as though Kate was a guest on the day, rather than a photographer, and I was so pleased to have her there.

The real proof though is in the resulting photographs. We adore them, they captured the day so perfectly, and the album makes a stunning keepsake - showcasing the photography beautifully. These are the things that remain once the day is over, and the quality of the photography and the album does it justice in a way I could barely have hoped.

Our wedding photography is one of the things that our guests most remember and comment on from the day, I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve had to forward on Kate’s details to friends requesting it – and every time I do I feel very lucky to have found her. An absolute gem !"

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